Multiple Wounds ~ the audiobook

Holly Troy’s mind is a complex maze of myth and reality, multiple personalities vying for time in the spotlight. As an artist, she is creative and compelling. As a witness, she is painfully unreliable, unsure of even which person she was the night of the murder. Even Holly can’t be sure of her own innocence. Homicide detective Orson Cheever never thought he would find himself playing psychologist to a Greek goddess in a modern-day murder investigation, but many of Holly’s personalities come straight from classical mythology, from Cronos and Pandora to the Fates. As Cheever attempts to unravel truth from myth, he learns that there is even more to Holly than meets the eye. One personality in particular—that of a five-year-old girl—hits a little too close to home, and Cheever is forced to finally pull back the dark curtains of his own past in order to uncover the truth in this psychological thriller.
An intriguing concept for a murder story.  Helen Troy has a multiple personality disorder and her ‘other selves’ originate in classical greek mythology. 
The story begins with the murder of Bonnie Gill, the owner of the gallery where Helen exhibits her sculptures.  Orson Cheever, the homicide detective leading the investigation who, against his better judgement, finds himself wanting to help the disturbed and vulnerable young woman after he witnesses her crying tears of blood.
Helen is a probable suspect in Bonnie’s murder and the case evolves into something Cheever has never witnessed, or had to deal with, before. Cheever and Rachel, Helen’s psychologist become close and unite in trying to help Helen.  As Helen’s past is revealed slowly bit by bit Cheever can’t help but be moved and angered by the sad and shocking truth.

MacLeod Andrews alternates brilliantly between the gravely voiced Cheever, Holly and the varied voices of her personalities, not to mention an array of other characters.

This is a gripping psychological murder/thriller, full of suspense which doesn’t let up.

The descriptions of Helen’s psychotic episodes are very well written. Suspenseful, complex and captivating it’s also a story of love, loss and suffering told with flashes of humour and a lot of emotional turmoil.

The intricacies of multiple personality disorder are handled with thoughtful consideration and, along with the references to greek mythology, have been well researched.

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