Terminated ~ the book


  • books1Author: Simon Wood
  • Published: November 2012 by Thomas & Mercer
  • Category: Crime/Thriller
  • four-stars

Stephen Tarbell needed that promotion. But they had to go and give the job to his supervisor, Gwen Farris. Now Tarbell has had enough—and he’s about to put Gwen on notice. She has two choices: give him a glowing review on his performance evaluation or suffer the consequences.

Simon Wood takes the reader on an exciting, tense and page turning journey.  From terrorisation to murder, a psychopath with a deadly grudge becomes more and more out of control

Gwen Farris is promoted to a managerial position in the pharmaceutical company where she works and this unwittingly unleashes the monster inside one of her now employees, Stephen Tarbell. Tarbell believes the job should have been his and to add to his grievances Gwen has to give him a poor evaluation report. As his actions begin to spiral out of control Gwen finds her life going from bad to worse.

Gwen is also dealing with the traumatic repercussions of a violet attack in her youth and as events become more nightmarish she resorts to desperate measures which lead to a thrilling conclusion.

The two main characters are believable although sometimes I wanted to yell ‘nooo, don’t do it’ at Gwen’s decisions which all seem to make matters worse for her, The scary thing is you can see how this situation might actually happen for real. A gripping read.

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