The Versatile Blogger Award


Many thanks to mylittlebookblog  for the nomination, it was a lovely surprise.

So, the rules are I now have to list 7 (interesting!) facts about myself, …here goes

1.   I hate heights, even small ones, can’t even walk along the edge of a harbour if there’s no rail.

2.   I’m a chocoholic although I try to limit my intake

3.   I love dogs and don’t feel complete without one.

4.   I’m an audiobook junkie, even though I still love books and keep adding to an ever-growing  TBR pile on my bedside table.

5.    I have absolutely no sense of direction whatsoever.

6.    I’ve moved house quite a few times, 7 actually, and not quite finished yet! 

7.   I went on a horse and carriage ride round Central Park on a visit to the US, totally touristy but I enjoyed it.

More random than interesting, I think 😉 but there we are. Here are my nominations

Dandelion Wine Book Blog

Sister Sinister Speaks

The Obsessive Bookseller

The Reading Date

If Books Could Blog

Doubleshot Book Reviews

Reading in Winter

Reflections of a Book Addict

The Bookshelf of Emily J

Sam Still Reading

Carry on blogging! (^_^)

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