Killer Within ~ An Allison McNeil Thriller

  • KWa lighterAuthor: Jeff Gunhus
  • Expected Publication: April 2014 by Seven Guns Press
  • Category: Crime/Thriller
  • four-half-stars

I was given an ARC in return for an honest review

Thirteen years ago Arnie Milhouse became a murderer. An incident at Rocco’s Convenience store turned from wanting to help the young clerk into something altogether much darker and dangerous. Now he has multiple murders under his belt and the FBI are asking questions. It’s time for Arnie to disappear… but before he goes he can’t resist the thought of the perfect final victim.

Allison McNeil is plagued by demons from her past and she’s back in Annapolis where the nightmare that haunts her began. There are issues she needs to face and resolve in order to move on with the rest of her life but she is not prepared for the evil that is Arnie Milhouse and gets much more than she bargained for.


Arnie Milhouse has a horrific and crazy, in the worst sense of the word, past. He’s like the proverbial two sides of the same coin. On the surface a widower and devoted father, caring for his son but underneath lurks an unstable, sinister and evil core. Arnie has avoided being caught up to now but Allison is a very determined woman with her own agenda. When it comes down to the final battle there can only be one survivor.

Allison has secrets and old traumas in her past she hasn’t fully come to terms with and feels totally let down by the system. Snippets and clues slide into the story, skilfully developing the characters and building the tension which explodes in a thrilling conclusion.

Very good action and pacing as the story unfolds with exciting and hair-raising moments. Kept me guessing and there were some unexpected curves thrown in to add to the overall drama. I like Allison and enjoyed the story very much, hope to read more of her adventures in the future.

Killer Within may be purchased Amazon UK and Amazon US

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