No Show

  • 15954438Author: Simon Wood
  • Published: June 2013 by Thomas & Mercer
  • Category: Crime/Thriller/Mystery
  • four-stars


Englishman Terry Sheffield has just arrived in San Francisco to start his new life with Sarah, the investigative journalist he married after a transatlantic love affair. But Sarah never shows up at the airport…

When Terry reports his wife as missing, the police chalk it up to a new bride with cold feet. Then one murdered woman after another turns up, all with something in common: they had exposed scandals just before their deaths…and their names appear on a list that Sarah composed. As a journalist, Sarah’s exposed her share of scandals, and Terry realizes that she’s not missing—she’s on the run.

To find her before the killer does, Terry must explore the dark recesses of his new homeland and rely on the help of some new friends. But as his search brings him closer to finding Sarah, Terry realizes she’s very different from the woman he thought he married.


My review

Terry arrives in the US from England having left his home, family and friends to relocate and live with his American wife who he met while on holiday. To leave everything and everyone behind is a huge step in itself but what happens, what do you do, if things don’t go as planned? Terry is expecting to begin a new life with his wife but after arriving at San Francisco airport he waits for Sarah to meet him. She doesn’t show up and now Terry’s problems really begin…

Having no key he has to break into his house and is seen by a neighbour who calls the police. Terry is arrested but eventually released and, although there are no signs of a struggle at the house, the seeds of doubt are sown.

The story gains tension and suspense as it evolves, the abrasive sheriff investigating Sarah’s disappearance seems hell-bent on making Terry the main suspect and Terry finds himself in an unfamiliar and very frightening situation. Can things get any worse? Oh yes. they certainly can.

Terry’s only support is his new friend, Oscar, and there’s some great interaction between the two of them as they try to find Sarah and piece together what has happened.

This story begs the question, how well do we actually know people, even those closest to us. Terry and Sarah hadn’t known each other very long and had spent even less time together. There were bound to be things they didn’t know about each other which become apparent as the story unfolds. There are twists and turns which keep it moving towards a totally unexpected ending. A very enjoyable read.


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