Escape From Harrizel (The Arizal Wars)

  • EscapefromHarrizelAuthor: C G Coppola
  • Sold by Amazon Digital Services
  • Category: Sci-Fi
  • four-stars

Fallon is just like every other Arrival brought to Harrizel—an alien planet restoring the human race after a fatal war left Earth in ruins. But once viewing the all-day work camps and the nightly, orgy-like atmosphere, Fallon suspects her hosts, the Dofinikes, might have a secret agenda of their own.

Fallon is brought to Harrizel by Clarence, supposedly because Earth has been destroyed by war. The rulers of this new world, Dofinikes, claim they want to save as many humans as possible in order to restore the human population. But it soon becomes apparent that all is not as it seems and sinister forces are at work.

With no memories of who she is or of the destruction of the earth Fallon discovers she’s not alone. None of the humans brought to Harrizel can remember a time before. Yet she feels drawn to ruins of Ellae in the jungle outside the confines of the camp where the humans are kept, even though she can’t think why she should feel such a sense of belonging.

Fallon is a strong and courageous protagonist who won’t give in and is determined to find out what the Dofinikes’ agenda really is. She teams up with Reid and his clan, the Rogues, to plan their escape and stop the disappearances before they themselves are taken. They also need to find their memories which are stored somewhere in the Dofinikes’ castle.

An intriguing sci-fi story, well written and visual with good pacing, plenty of action and a fizzing romance between Fallon and Reid. The thing with fizz though, is it tends to explode if it’s churned up enough. And after an intense inner struggle Fallon allows her heart to rule her head. Has she made the right decision?

I received a digital copy of this book in return for my review

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