Guest Post ~ RM Clark

Welcome, Robert and thank you for your post.

A reminder…what writers have had to do since forever

Even with the latest technology, writers have been producing work the same way for hundreds of years: sentence by sentence. There are loads of books on outlining, character development, world-building and editing but the only way to make the words appear is by putting fingers on keyboard. Whether a writer is prolific, like Stephen King, or turtle slow, like me, every word of every sentence of every book has to be typed out.

There are no shortcuts to creating a manuscript.

Typewriters have been replaced by word processors, but the results are the same. I suppose you could try the Dragon Naturally Speaking software or the equivalent and speak your golden words for the software to produce. But this method misses out on the natural filter and editor that exists between the brain and the fingertips. The voices in a writer’s head become more focused as they percolate past the elbows and wrists. Narrative and dialogue alike, are spoken internally or aloud, then refined on the page with a few backspaces (in my case, many backspaces).

No app can do it for you.

So next time you see a book and think “How the hell did she write that?” you’ll already have the answer. The same way we all do it. The only way it can be done.

Tap. Tap. Tappity. Tap.

R. M. Clark’s new adult mystery, Center Point, is available from the publisher’s website ( as well the usual online places like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo and iBooks. Clark’s latest middle grade book, The Secret at Haney Field: A Baseball Mystery, arrives September 16 

You can find my review of Center Point here

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