A Counterfeit Priest

  • ACounterfeitPriestAuthor: Paul Cross
  • Published: October 2013 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Category: Religious Thriller
  • three-half-stars

Blaming the Catholic Church for the death of his wife, filmmaker Henry Hawkins is determined to make an expose revealing the Church’s responsibility. Not divulging the true intentions of his documentary, Henry’s quest leads him to Rome where he’s promised access to the Vatican by its highest ranking cardinal, Silvio Contini, the Secretary of State of Vatican City. After arriving in the Eternal City, Cardinal Contini reneges on his agreement to meet with Henry. Refusing to have his plan compromised, Henry devises a bold scheme to get behind the impregnable walls of the Vatican to confront Contini.

I was given a copy in return for an honest review.

Religion can be a tricky and sensitive subject for many people, personally I can’t imagine the Vatican being dissimilar to any multi million dollar enterprise with the resulting politics, corruption and unscrupulousness in the ranks. Equally, I’m sure there are also those who do have a strong belief and a selflessness in what they are trying to achieve. This story will challenge spiritually and intellectually.

How amazing, Henry thought, that all this magnificence he saw before him had nothing whatever to do with what Jesus taught, but for the sole purpose of wielding power over the masses, not to mention the pilfering of their money in order to hoard great wealth.Great wealth which was used by the self-appointed holy ones to live in magnificent splendour.

There’s a lot of very interesting behind the scenes action and fascinating insights into the inner processes of the Vatican, be they fact, fiction or a mixture of both, and the overall picture is described in detail. It’s a thought-provoking and believable scenario given the scandals and secrets of the Vatican and church in general through the ages and up to the present day.

The characters are intriguing and are portrayed well. Did Henry make the right decision after his eventual inner struggle whether or not he could or should voice his disappointment and disenchantment with the Catholic church and it’s teachings in his quest to avenge his wife’s death? It would be a tough call either way.

The mixture of past and present tense in the narrative is a little off-putting so that and the dialogue would benefit from some editing but, that said, it’s a very entertaining story.

A Counterfeit Priest may be purchased from Amazon US and Amazon UK

About the author

PaulCrossPAUL CROSS is an award-winning screenwriter, actor, director and producer with many feature films including OPERATION TERROR, and SEVERE VISIBILITY, and television movies such as STUDS LONIGAN and AMAZONS to his credits. He is also the writer/director/producer of the award-winning documentaries, FOLLOW the LEADER and WEST END STORY. His novel A COUNTERFEIT PRIEST is the basis for his screenplay by the same title. Paul lives in Hollywood, California.

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