One Lovely Blog award

I’ve been nominated for this award by the lovely Terry Tyler. If you’d like to check out Terry’s novels you can do so here. You won’t be disappointed 🙂

Thanks so much, Terry, I’m truly grateful. Terry’s blog post can be found here.


Okay, so the rules are I list 7 facts about myself and then link to some of the blogs I like very much and would like to nominate for this award. Please don’t feel obliged to follow through, I’m just showing my appreciation for your fabulous blogs.

1) I’m a massive Elvis fan and have been since I heard Love Me Tender when I was about 11 years old  

2) I didn’t start out to write a book review blog, originally I planned on just listing books I’d read or listened to with a few notes, purely for my own reference. What happened?? 😀

3) I have a gorgeous 2-year-old grandson ❤️


4) I’d love to see a ghost – a friendly one, of course 

5) My favourite place to be is by the ocean, I love the sound of the sea in all it’s moods and I spend a lot of time walking my dog there.

6) We used to live in Jersey overlooking Gorey Castle and harbour. I’m about half an hour away from the coast now.

7) One of my favourite things is Musical Theatre, Les Mis, Phantom ect

Now… onto other, more interesting people!

Barb Taub who blogs here

Michelle James at Book Chat

Jorie at JorieLovesAStory

Violet’s e-comics can be found here

Visit Wendy Kate here for some lovely sketches.

Lizzy at MyLittleBookBlog

Heather at Trials of a Wanna be Published Writer

Kate Loveton can be found here

Toni at Toni’s Book Blog


10 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog award

  1. How excellent that you did this so quickly, Cathy! Thanks for doing it; nice to see that you’re another fan of the big blue watery thing, too! Thanks for the lovely mentions, too ~ and I shall have a look at your blog nominations xx

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  3. Hi Cathy! Thanks so much for nominating me for an award; I am grateful to be included amongst such a fabulous group of people. Congratulations to you, too – and I loved reading more about YOU. You said you’re an Elvis fan; I am a lifelong Frank Sinatra fan. My dad is responsible for my Sinatra addiction – he started me on the Frank road when I was 10 years old. 😀 Anyway, I mention it because one of the landmark television events was when Frank had Elvis on his show after he got out of the service. His daughter, Nancy (who later starred in a movie with Elvis) was instrumental in arranging that.

    Anyway, just a fun little tidbit for Frank and Elvis fans. I love Elvis, too.

    Again, thanks, my friend! The nomination is much appreciated, and I will reciprocate within the next week.


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