Awards Galore!

My sincere thanks to Heather over at Trials of a Wanna-be-Published Writer for these wonderful nominations, which I accept with deep gratitude. Heather’s original post can be found here

Excuse me for a moment…I feel the need…HappyDancegif 

Okay, back to business….



Acknowledgment of The Inner Peace Award requires me to write a short paragraph about why I’d like to accept.

Inner peace is something most of us strive for in one way or another. Whether with meditation, yoga or other pastimes, peace of mind is not something that can be rushed, rather gained over time. I truly believe it can only have a beneficial impact generally. These quotes sum it up for me: ‘There is nothing in the world stronger than gentleness’ ~ Han Suyin and from an unknown source ~ ‘Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it.’ 


I just need to post this award to accept 🙂  That’s an easy one!


This nomination is so nice. I’ve found lots of lovely people through being a part the blogging community and it’s such fun to connect with you all regardless of miles and continents. I’m enjoying myself immensely. Thank you for being so welcoming and hospitable.


I confess, I had to look this one up. As Heather says, the translation is ‘prized darts’ and the award is for ‘recognition of cultural, ethical, literary and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.’ Wow! I am not worthy.

My philosophy, without getting too deep, is basically what you send forth comes back to you so treating people as you yourself would like to be treated, with respect and consideration, seems a good way to go.


I’m so happy to accept this as the name says it all. I had no notion when I started what this whole blogging thing entailed but the community, following and supporting, aspect is just the best. It’s great to be part of the team.


I’m not sure I deserve this one but I’m over the moon to be nominated :-D. There are so many blogs that I greatly enjoy reading, and I’d like to ask you to check out some, or all, of the links on my blog roll when you get chance. Each and every one of those blogs are so inspiring and interesting, I’d like to nominate them all! But for now I’d like to nominate…

A Woman’s Wisdom

Dog Kisses

Cindy Knoke

Rosie Amber


Shannon Thompson

Charlotte Hoather


As always, there’s no obligation to follow through, just my way of acknowledging your great blogs!

Heather, you’re awesome!   graphics-thank-you-208109

14 thoughts on “Awards Galore!

  1. Congratulations on Your many awards 🙂 It is always a delight to be nominated and to share the Love Forward. 🙂 Thank You ever so much for nominating me/Booknvolume. I am truly honoured and so Delighted that you find BnV worthy of such a plethora of Positivity 😉 Thank You So very Very Much!!

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