Love, Life and Beyond ~ A Guest Post by Linn Halton

I’ve always been fascinated by the thought of things beyond my knowledge, unseen, spiritual, call it what you will. As with anything ‘ otherworldly’  it’s a very emotive subject with very differing views and, of course, each to their own beliefs. 

But, after reading Linn’s series Angels Among Us I was intrigued to find out more and Linn very kindly agreed to this guest post. Thanks so much for taking the time, Linn, over to you…

Orbs, spiritual energy and romantic novels – all in a day’s work!

People often ask me why I write psychic romance and why, even in my chick lit novels, there’s always some little reference to the help we get from the other side.

The reason is simple. I’ve had more than enough proof in my life to know that this life isn’t the sole point of our existence and that loved ones are with us always. To me having psychic experiences, validation of that, and seeing things as simple as orbs, is a natural part of life. As I write about life and love, there is no way I can leave out something so fundamental, because I believe the help we receive (whether we realise it, or not) often helps shape the decisions we make.

In June 2012 the website that I began in June 2011, held a one-off event in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. It was a very stressful thing to organise, as I had never done anything like that before and it was a day of talks and writing sessions. A few weeks’ prior to the big day, I went to a psychic medium event and received a message. I was told that my Uncle Ron was helping me and I wasn’t to worry, the day would be fine. There were a few very unique validations that it was indeed him – for starters he was a prisoner of war and the only one of my uncles who was captured and reported as missing. On the day of the event literally hundreds of photos were taken and many were from the same angle. The best ones were used in a post on the website to capture the excitement of the day.

However, a few weeks’ later one of the authors (the very talented Emma Calin) sent me a string of photos, in the middle of which were some that appeared to show a ball of energy around my head and several with orbs (although they were quite faint). She also sent me the photos immediately prior to, and after, these unusual ones, to show that it wasn’t simply something on the lens. As I had already seen so many taken from virtually the same point in the room, I knew it wasn’t simply light reflecting from overhead etc. as it would have appeared in many more of the shots taken.


But most importantly of all, I wasn’t surprised. I could feel the energy around me that day and being quite a shy person, I knew that I was getting assistance. I’m very familiar with orbs, having lived in numerous houses and cottages where both my husband and I have witnessed them simultaneously. But that’s another story and one I’ve already written in the true story, ‘Being A Sceptic Is Oh So Easy’.

When you see an orb, or cluster of orbs up close, it can be a very uplifting thing. Often they are muted but sometimes close up they are so bright it is like a little circle of intense white, or coloured, light (see below). They can travel slowly, or whizz across a room. On one occasion a really bright orb, the size of a ten pence piece, alerted me to a situation that could have been life-threatening for someone … everything happens for a reason. At the time, it was such an indisputable experience that I knew something was wrong with someone I loved. A phone call confirmed that and, I believe, diverted a situation that could have spiralled out of control with fatal consequences.

As I prepared to write this article, just yesterday I was watching a short video clip taken of a young family member. As I watched I saw one orb zoom across the top of the clip, and then seconds later another one zoomed upwards from the bottom of it. I showed my husband and we watched in amazement, hoping it was a sign that my mother was there watching over him. She died before he was born and even though I know she’s around us all, it was still a thrill to see.

A friend had a problem after moving into a property to begin renovating it, with a spirit determined to make him feel ill-at-ease. We talked through what to do and eventually, after some gentle but firm persuasion, his visitor left. He did manage to capture two orbs in his work room and they are pretty clear (below).

Then there is the glorious photo of the orb in the garden of the cottage we purchased in December 2013. The moment I saw the photos on Rightmove and spotted the orb in the garden I knew it was the one for us. The former owner had died and it had been empty for a year – but it was waiting for us. I know that she approves of what we have done and while she is very quiet, we often see an orb here and there. I also believe I have seen her, and, a cat … although we have a cat of our own, too. This one is very different! My husband and I take that as a positive and reaffirming thing; we gain comfort from it.



For me, the point is that whenever I’ve felt anything bad, I get myself as far away as I can. Everything else I’ve experienced has been uplifting and helpful, comforting. At first it spooked my husband and he wouldn’t even let me talk about the things that happened around me. My earliest memory is a psychic one. Then he had his first, personal, experience. It took him a while to talk about it, but since then we haven’t looked back. For us it’s taken away the fear of death and the fear that loved ones are lost to us when they pass. What is clear is that whilst it is human nature to look for mundane causes and be sceptical, there are times when you can rule out potential explanations; especially when someone you love, and who you trust implicitly, witnesses the same thing at the same time. Then, it’s easier to believe and accept. The more you relax, the more you notice what is going on around you all the time.

When I wrote the Angels Among Us series for HarperImpulse, it took three years of research for me to be able to explain, as a part of the fictional story, how angels ‘work’. It’s a love story first and foremost, but the explanation had to fit in with what I’d experienced and believed. Some of the research didn’t fit with that, but I found plenty that did. Some of it came from messages I’ve received from my mum and dad via various mediums; enough little pieces of info to make me formulate a picture. But there is a gap – no one knows for sure until they are on the other side. If we live more than one life, maybe no one ever comes back with ‘full’ knowledge because that’s not how it’s meant to work. I filled the gap with what I felt might be a plausible leap of faith … one day I will know for sure!


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I hope you enjoyed Linn’s post as much as I did and, if nothing else, it’s given you food for thought!

25 thoughts on “Love, Life and Beyond ~ A Guest Post by Linn Halton

      1. Oh my goodness, this is beginning to feel like a party – thanks so much, ladies! My latest manuscript is The Man Who Can and it’s based on the story of when we moved into the cottage in the photo with the yellow orb (Ashgrove Cottage) on the 19 December 2013. We moved in during the worst floods in years, in Gloucestershire and the local village was flooded. Some of the deliveries couldn’t get through, the first night we slept on the floor with no central heating as the bed couldn’t be delivered and the heating boiler broke down! We love living here though and a year on we’ve forgotten about cheese and pickle sandwiches for Christmas day lunch because the kitchen couldn’t be delivered either!


    1. This one is quiet up to one or two others we’ve had. In one, the old lady who died there kept sitting on the foot of our bed at night. At that time my husband thought it was all nonsense, he soon learnt when he started seeing things himself! But she was harmless, just interested.


      1. I know. I learned to live with the lady in the house. Even my four-year-old daughter who had lived in that house her whole life, said, “Oh, no, the lady upstairs won’t like it.” I almost packed up right then, but we stayed and things got better but other things went on. 😛

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  1. What a fun and fantastic post! I don’t consider myself very attuned to psychic events, but your talk about houses really struck a nerve with me. We moved to a house in Virginia which should have been my dream house. But I just could not get comfortable there. My wonderful mother-in-law, who was indeed very sensitive, agreed that the house had a very bad feeling. After a year I insisted that we move away. Later I found out that two young women who had lived in the house had disappeared. Years after, I saw a story saying that someone had confessed to murdering them in the house and hiding their bodies. If only I’d had someone like you to vet the house for me first!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sometimes a bad vibe literally knocks you for six, Cathy. On one occasion it gave me an instant migraine and I had to walk back out of the house. But I do stress that most of the experiences I have had have been wonderful and uplifting.


    1. Barbtaub – I feel for you! There are houses I’ve been in that if someone offered to give it to me for free, I wouldn’t have taken it! We moved out of one house after nine months because of very bad vibes that unsettled my young son. My mother, too, hated babysitting there and it’s too long a story to tell you what I experience whilst there, but it wasn’t pleasant and I simply couldn’t stay. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Ah, thanks, Rosie. I seem to have this constant need to make people stop and think, consider ‘what if’ – even if it’s in a very light way (as in most of my chick lit). Whether people believe or not, if you can find comfort and reassurance I think that’s a good thing. The more relaxed you are about it (and open minded) the more you seem to notice going on around you. I’ve had a few very weird ones though!


  2. I love this post. I totally agree with Linn that our loved ones are always with us although I haven’t had any spiritual experiences. Although I’m really interested in it all I think I would be frightened if I actually saw something 😀

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    1. E. L. it took me a LONG time to accept some things. But loved ones are never frightening. The best thing ever is a hug, it’s like a slight pressure and a feeling of deep warmth that is unmistakeable. I’ve had a few things ‘disappear’ and then reappear and I still find that very bizarre. My first reaction to everything is to be sceptical and honestly, I still tend to think ‘imagination or wishful thinking’ as the first explanation unless someone else (like my other half) is a witness to it. I think that’s healthy though. Sometimes it’s just plain wonderful! I do talk to those around me all the time, especially my Mum and Dad, whom I miss so much. But I’m often surprised (when I visit mediums) who comes through. I’m lucky to have lots of spirits guiding me.


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