The Rocking Chair Lady

  • TheRockingChairLadyAuthor: Randy Mixter
  • Published: September 2012
  • Kindle Edition
  • Category: Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy
  • five-stars

The Rocking Chair Lady is a fictional short story based on a young boy’s fascination with an elderly lady’s stories of her adventurous, and sometimes magical life. Expect the unexpected.

A hauntingly beautiful and engaging short story of an old lady and a young boy exchanging reminiscences. The boy soon runs out of his own stories but the old lady still shares her magical life stories and thoughts with the boy each time he visits. The visits span a few summers, the boy is captivated by the stories and learns a lot about the old woman, her husband and how they met. She tells him of her life and adventures, story by story and year by year. 

I was thirteen years old when I first met the rocking chair lady. It was early June and I was helping Andy, a friend of mine, deliver newspapers……

I didn’t wear a watch back then, but I figured it was close to lunch time when I arrived at my last house of the day. It was an old brick house with a long wooden front porch. I noticed several wind chimes hanging from the porch’s ceiling. I knocked on the door several times with no success and was about to put down the paper and leave, when I heard the faint voice of a woman say ‘come in’ from somewhere inside of the house. I was wary and the voice seemed to sense my fear.

And so begins an unusual friendship which grows with each subsequent visit and both the old lady and the boy look forward to their brief times together.

Randy Mixter always writes with such appeal and sensitivity and manages, in this story, to incorporate a lot into a few pages, giving the two characters distinct and extremely likeable personalities. I couldn’t help but be drawn to them and the old lady’s stories of a life which embraced all opportunities and was full of rich and deep experiences.

There are touches of sadness, which isn’t unusual for someone of advancing years, and a wonderfully magical, correlated ending which is a delight, leaving feelings of pleasure in a story skillfully told. 

About the author

RMixterRandy Mixter lives in Pasadena, Maryland, with his wife Veronica and their five cats. He writes in a variety of genres including Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Mysteries, and Suspense Thrillers. He currently has several novels and short stories available, with more on the way.

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