LurcherSOS ~ Saving Our Sighthounds

I received my Friends of LurcherSOS newsletter today. LurcherSOS is a rescue dedicated to Saving Our Sighthounds and does a great job under sometimes very difficult circumstances. They don’t use kennels, the dogs are fostered by volunteers and so are looked after and assessed in a home environment until they go to the their forever homes.

My boy, Finn, was fostered by a lovely lady in Surrey when he was brought over from Ireland. And she makes great coats for those dogs that need a little extra warmth on wintry days Susu Ding’s Divine Designs

IMG_0319    IMG_0629

A lovely poem was included in the newsletter which I wanted to share…


LurcherSOS and Sighthound Rescue can also be found on Facebook

8 thoughts on “LurcherSOS ~ Saving Our Sighthounds

    1. Yes, that is a bit of a downside 😀 My last German Shepherd made short work of our kitchen furniture – kitchen wall included! My first attempt at plastering…didn’t go too well.

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  1. I was thinking of dogs this morning when they leave their mothers and siblings. We assume it does not affect them but if we think of the children who have gone through the same thing we can begin to imagine possible strains and pains. Your poem and post today confirmed some of my thoughts.


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