The Righteous Path (Georgie Connolly #3)

  • TheRighteousPathAuthor: E. L. Lindley
  • Kindle Edition
  • Category: Crime/Thriller/Romance
  • five-stars

In between projects and waiting for James to return from the Gulf, Georgie is excited when her old friend Sean Collins asks her for help in finding a missing girl.

When Sean Collins rescues Georgie from boredom and her uncertainty concerning James, with the promise of an intriguing project, she jumps at the chance of having something other than her precarious romance to occupy her mind. Sean’s suspicions are aroused when a young girl disappears from a religious cult group based on an estate in Ventura. Georgie is intrigued and envisions the seeds of a conceivably major story. She knows it will make a great documentary and loses no time in getting Danny on board. None of them have the least notion of where their investigations will lead and what they will uncover.

Georgie returned to the office  having agreed to meet with Sean’s damsel in distress just as soon as he could set it up. She had to admit she was more than a little bit intrigued. Sean wasn’t the type to make a fuss over nothing and something about this woman’s story had touched a nerve with him. He had remained tight-lipped when she had pressed him for more details, insisting that she wait and hear it directly from the woman herself. He had been ad adamant about one thing, however, if she was interested, there was definitely going to be a story here.

James arrives home two weeks earlier than planned, to Georgie’s surprised pleasure, and finds her about to throw herself into another potentially dangerous situation. It’s not the greatest of homecomings for James, he knows how Georgie dives in without thinking things through and it doesn’t take long for them to come to verbal blows. Georgie and Julie are still circling each other, which isn’t helping James either. Other relationships are suffering in this story too, which allows the characters more realism, given the dynamics between them all. And to top it off Marilyn makes an appearance with a surprising proposition.

Jed Munroe and the menacing religious cult’s activities makes a believable and very realistic storyline. Although charismatic and apparently sincere, Jed is not all he seems. E L Lindley weaves a tense and well thought out plot that gains momentum all the way to the unexpected conclusion.

I think this story is my favourite so far!  Georgie is still as impulsive and hot-headed as ever and her relationship with James just as volatile. There’s never a dull moment with these protagonists, that’s for sure. It was lovely to be re-acquainted with the great cast of characters from the previous books too. 

This passage taken from E. L. Lindley’s bio on Goodreads says exactly what I most enjoy about her writing ~ ‘Lindley writes in a style which is both light-hearted and fun but with serious undertones, often tackling gritty subjects. In all of her novels, the characters reflect her belief in humanity and the fact that the human spirit will always prevail, regardless of the situation.’

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About the author

ELLindleyE.L. Lindley is an indie writer and general lover of books in all of their forms. She has written numerous contemporary novels, including the Georgie Connelly series as well as standalone novels. When she is not writing, she is devouring the works of other writers and is delighted by how indie publishing has thrown open the world of publishing. She sees it as a win win situation, allowing writers to publish their work, whilst providing readers with a richer and more varied choice.

Lindley has always loved writing but produced her first full length novel, Business As Usual, when she decided to move on from her career as an English teacher. She now supplements her writing by working on a free-lance basis. This also affords her time to travel and she has been fortunate enough to have travelled extensively throughout the world, using her experiences as a source of inspiration for her writing.

She currently resides in Sheffield in the UK but has lived and worked in many places including, London, Oxford, Southampton, Cheltenham and Brighton. She also studied for a couple of years at the University of Arlington in Texas and has consequently made many extended trips to the USA to visit and stay with friends. Her novels reflect this and tend to incorporate both sides of the Atlantic.

E.L. can also be found on Twitter. Click the book cover for Amazon UK, or here for Amazon US

14 thoughts on “The Righteous Path (Georgie Connolly #3)

  1. Ooh I bought this one a while ago, having loved the previous ones in the series, but just haven’t got to it yet. I can see I need to move it up the TBR list 🙂 Great review Cathy


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