Across The Great Sparkling Water ~ The Peacemaker Series #2

  • AcrossAuthor: Zoe Saadia
  • Kindle Edition
  • Category: Historical, Native American
  • five-stars

To live in captivity, adopted by the enemies of her people, or to break the law and tradition by running away? 
That question did not occur to Onheda until after she fled Little Falls on the spur of the moment, against any better judgment. If she was to die in the woods, making her way back to her people, accused, even by them, of breaking the ancient custom, it was still the better choice. She would not live among the enemies. Two moons of that had been more than enough.

The incredible journey of the Great Peacemaker continues with more action and adventure. Two Rivers and Teneki have crossed the Great Sparkling Water (Lake Ontario) but fighting the currents and rapids has left Two Rivers injured. They find refuge in a clearing in the woods where an old woman, Jikonsahseh, lives. She also wants peace and helps anyone passing through her clearing who is in need. Staying with her is Onheda, a runaway captive from Teneki’s tribe. Onheda has been travelling for days trying to reach her own people. Jikonsahseh found her, too exhausted and weak to continue and nursed her back to health.

“I’m yet to hear how you got to that riverbank, starving and half dead with exhaustion. I know there is more to that story than just you being lost. You are not a local girl.”

From Onheda and Jikonsahseh, Two Rivers and Teneki learn of Hionhwatha, the former leader who wanted to stop the feuding and unite the Onondaga people. The gatherings were peaceful until those who opposed Hionhwatha resorted to violence and after the death of his wife and children Hionhwatha left to live alone in the woods. It takes some persuasion from Two Rivers and Teneki to convince him to take part in the peace talks.

The story is developing wonderfully and moves along at a great pace, with characters, old and new adding depth, to an atmosphere I can all but feel, and sense of place. Two Rivers from the start has been, and is, a highly developed and charismatic character. Teneki and Two Rivers are now faced with the task of seeking meetings with tribes, whose members are very wary and view strangers as a possible threat, with their message of peace.

“I heard your story, repeated by different people. I know what you intended to do. And I know what happened. You tried to achieve what I am trying to achieve, but for different reasons. We think more alike than differently, and who knows? You may still see beyond the obvious….You have a destiny to fulfil and it is time.”

The chemistry and growing attraction between Two Rivers and Onheda is a touching romantic addition which I hope will continue. But for the moment Two Rivers is totally focused on his task and destiny, even to the point of fulfilling the part of his prophecy which requires him to carry out a life or death act.

Facts presented in fictional form really bring history to life, making the people and situations a reality and creating a fascinating insight into the past. Zoe Saadia has achieved this brilliantly.

Rosie's Book Review Challengers 1Many thanks to Zoe Saadia for sending me a copy for Rosie Amber’s book review team

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15 thoughts on “Across The Great Sparkling Water ~ The Peacemaker Series #2

  1. ps, you seem to share my reading tastes a fair bit – I think you’d love The Turning of the World on Rosie’s list….


    1. Hi Michelle, I’m delighted to hear that. Cathy’s reviews are truly wonderful, and so very insightful! 🙂
      As for your wishlist, just let me know which book, and it will on its way to you right away 🙂

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