False Allegiance (Georgie Connolly #4) by @LindleyE

  • FalseAllegianceAuthor: E.L. Lindley
  • Kindle Edition
  • Category: Crime, Suspense, Romance
  • five-stars

When a grieving mother asks Georgie to look into the death of her daughter, she finds herself becoming entangled with a college fraternity and its sister sorority. As she strips away the tradition and elitism, she uncovers a dark core which suggests that the death of the young woman may not have been an accident. Calling upon her friends to help with the investigation, Georgie inadvertently places them in great danger. Rejoin Georgie Connelly in this fourth novel of the series where anything could and usually does happen.

Since the traumatic events of a month previously (A Righteous Path) Georgie is having difficulty shaking off the lethargy plaguing her. James is spending a lot of his time at the office and Danny is in the process of developing his own company and doing quite well. Georgie is feeling at a loss, without direction and in need of a project, something to get her up and back into the world. 

Wanting desperately to escape the house her mother bought, and promptly left Georgie and James to sort out, she tries again to contact her friend and taxi driver, Melvyn.

She didn’t even like the house; it was hideous. All open plan and glass, where Georgie liked walls. It was typical of her mother, to ride roughshod over everybody’s lives, and now, predictably, she was nowhere to be seen.

Georgie has been calling Melvyn and leaving messages for a couple of weeks with no reply and is seriously worried. And with good cause as she soon discovers. Melvin’s lady friend, June, persuaded him she needed money for her sick mother’s specialist care. Now he has lost everything since he remortgaged his house to raise the funds for June. Not quite all is lost, though – Georgie is on the case, determined to find June and hopefully recover some of Melvyn’s money.

Although Georgie and James are living together I’m glad to see not a lot has changed in their world. There’s still plenty of unpredictability in their relationship although I might sense a slight mellowing in Georgie. She is still determined and hasn’t lost her tendency to act before fully assessing the possible outcome of a situation, personal or professional, but she’s as endearing as she is exasperating. Poor James, sometimes he’s not quite sure what hit him. When June shows up at Georgie’s office asking for help Georgie can’t refuse her, regardless of the mixed feelings she stirs up in those closest to her.

The subsequent investigation is fraught with danger, involving attempted murder, marital upset and rich college students whose fraternities and sororities control the campus. An excellent and believable plot plus a great cast of likeable and interesting characters combine to make this a very enjoyable and absorbing read. I like the addition of Martha Chapman and hope she features in future stories. The development of the other members of the cast and their situations is realistic, if sad on some counts. I had to laugh at Marilyn’s attempt at driving and her passengers’ reactions. Looking forward to the next instalment to see how certain situations are, hopefully, resolved.

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12 thoughts on “False Allegiance (Georgie Connolly #4) by @LindleyE

  1. Ah – good to see this as I have never read one of this writer’s books, but this is the one I chose for my to-read list! I’m interested in the control exerted by societies at universities, etc… very sinister.


  2. Thanks so much Cathy – I really appreciate the time and care you’ve taken on your thoughtful review. I can’t tell you how pleased I am that you liked it. I’ve nearly finished the new one but it’s a bit different as it’s set in London 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooh I’m already enjoying this series and have The Righteous Path coming soon on my to read list and this sounds like a terrific one as well that I shall definitely be adding – great review thanks 🙂


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