Dunster ~ North Somerset

A medieval village in the north-eastern corner of Exmoor, boasting an impressive castle built not long after the 1066 Norman Conquest.


Starting at ground level with a walk through the woodland gardens by the river…

Dunster5 Dunster4

Dunster11 Dunster10

….before beginning the climb up to the castle.

Dunster 16 Dunster 15

The views of Exmoor, the Bristol Channel coastline and displays of vividly coloured tulips made it worth the effort

Dunster14 Dunster13 Dunster12

Back on ground level, the arch and newly restored 18th century watermill

Dunster6 Dunster7

After much-needed refreshments a wander down the main street with it’s 17th century yarn market at the far end

Dunster3 Dunster2 Dunster15

And a couple of the pretty cottages in the village

Dunster9 Dunster8

19 thoughts on “Dunster ~ North Somerset

  1. Whimsical and heavenly. I live a quiet life. This would suit me fine but my grandchildren aren’t ready for something this peaceful yet. Love the pictures. A slice of paradise for sure. ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you for sharing. Absolutely gorgeous.


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