Dark Blessing ~ A Crimson and Clover Lagniappe

  • DarkBlessingAuthor: Sarah M Cradit
  • ARC Review
  • Category: Paranormal, Contemporary
  • five-stars

Dark Blessing, a short story, is a Crimson & Clover Lagniappe (bonus story) to the House of Crimson & Clover Series, originally appearing in the anthology Face the Music. It can be enjoyed as a standalone story, or as a companion to the greater series.

Kelley Landry and his brothers spent their childhood hunting the elusive vampire. Many hours they toiled in their covert clubhouse, coming of age under the veil of this unusual belief.

As ten-year olds, triplets Kelley, Dillon and Kieran Landry were intent on discovering any and all information and literature they could find about vampires, even forming a secret club which they named the Liga Vanatorilor de Vampiri. As the years passed Dillon’s and Kieran’s interest gradually dwindled and disappeared as they prepared for their final year at college. Kelley, however, has no interest in college and can’t decide what it is he wants to do with his life. He is still as fascinated as ever with vampires and hasn’t given up his investigations even as his brothers’ interest waned. He still has a strong belief that they exist.

Liga Vanatorilor de Vampiri started when Kieran read Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire and decided, with the resolute certainty which defined him then and now, that vampires could absolutely be real and cooperatively exist in society. More, that with the right resources and determination, one could identify them. Kelley latched on to the idea, finding the notion deliciously romantic. Dillon clung to the promise of adventure. Their research was born.

When Queen Edith Fournier comes looking for Kelley with some incredible information, research and a secret agenda, Kelley is in turns skeptical and excited beyond measure at the prospect which now lay before him….if he agrees to accompany Queen Edith and accept the opportunity she offers to meet a dhampir.

I love this intriguing short story, bringing in another new extension of the Sullivan and Deschanel families, and their connections to the two main protagonists. Kelley is delightful and just beginning to realise the belief and wish he’s held for so long may just be about to come true. The possibilities are boundless and I can’t wait to see where Kelley’s eventual decision takes him.

Both families have evolved and expanded hugely since the first couple of books and the lagniappes add to the overall series. I’d love to see Kelley included in future stories, bringing in a completely different characteristic. And as always, Sarah Cradit’s writing is  imaginative and expressive.

My thanks to Sarah Cradit for sending a digital ARC in return for an honest review. Dark Blessing is due for release on the 5th June 2015.

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