The Bishop’s Palace, Gardens and Cathedral, Wells, Somerset

A medieval palace which has been home to the Bishops of Bath and Wells for about 800 years. 

Through a stunning archway to the palace…. 


..which is surrounded by a moat which is home to the Bishop’s swans. The swans have been taught to ring a bell by the gatehouse when they want food.



The gatehouse seen from inside the grounds.


Through another archway and into the gardens where stands a statue of the pilgrim.

Wells18 Wells14

Random pictures of the gardens..






And here is a medieval privy – thank goodness for modern conveniences!


An impressive fireplace and staircase in one of the public rooms.

Wells115 Wells16

And a few shots of the cathedral.

Wells20 Wells23 Wells22 Wells21


12 thoughts on “The Bishop’s Palace, Gardens and Cathedral, Wells, Somerset

  1. These are fabulous photos, Cathy. My home is close to Wells, but it is years since I visited. I now live in Ireland, and your photos make me quite nostalgic for Somerset and Wiltshire. Wells Cathedral is such a beautiful building.

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  2. I feel as though I just took a walk through history. The palace and cathedral, and even the privy, are stunning structures. The gardens are spectacular! You live in a truly beautiful and awesome part of the world. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 2 people

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