The Devil’s Game ~ The Game Trilogy #2

Daniel Byrne spent ten years as a Vatican investigator, scrutinizing and debunking miracle claims – until he burned that life to the ground when one investigation shook his faith and revealed disturbing earthly conspiracies. Determined to find the truth, he steps into a new life of secrets and lies, joining a powerful group that wields hidden influence over world events. 

Daniel infiltrates a covert government facility and uncovers a bizarre new strain of the Plague that seems to flood the minds of its victims with visions of the future. Teaming up with disgraced physician Kara Singh, a woman beset with inexplicable visions of her own, Daniel traces the root of this deadly pathogen around the globe, and discovers a terrifying truth.

Daniel Byrne, excommunicated priest and ex Vatican investigator, who exposed fraudulent miracle claims, is now working for the Fleur-de-Lis Foundation, a rival of the corrupt Council for World Peace, a very misnamed organisation.

In the first book of the trilogy, The Trinity Game, Daniel’s uncle, televangelist Tim Trinity had the ability to foretell the future through Anomalous Information Transfer or AIT, and speak ‘in tongues’. After he was assassinated by the Council, Daniel was recruited by Carter Ames, managing director of the Fleur-de-Lis, to investigate what is now known as the Trinity Phenomenon. It appears though, that the phenomenon is not exclusive to Tim Trinity. It has been happening to thousands of people and is on the increase. And all confirmed cases included information the people under the influence of AIT could not have known.

The Vatican had sent Daniel to debunk his uncle, but they weren’t alone in trying to silence Trinity. There were others, some willing to go way beyond discrediting the man, and behind the scenes, with their fingers in every pie, were two powerful organizations Daniel had never heard of before. The Fleur-de-Lis Foundation had tried to help Daniel protect his uncle. As Carter Ames told it, the Foundation was doing battle with an outfit called the Council for World Peace…..Both had operatives embedded within governments, military forces, the intelligence community, law enforcement, multinational corporations, universities, the media and religious organizations of all stripes.

On his first assignment after a physically intensive training course, Daniel meets Dr Kara Singh who also has AIT and is drawn into the investigation along with Pat, a mercenary and Daniel’s good friend. As the three of them delve deeper, the Council’s monstrous plans to engage in biological warfare are uncovered. As Daniel, Kara and Pat pursue Conrad Winter, the main perpetrator, from country to country they discover, and are horrified by, the terrifying truth of the Council’s objectives and side effects of the pathogen. 

I like the way Daniel has evolved, from a priest unhappy with his life and questioning the credibility of the church, to a man with a purpose, determined to root out and pre-empt the evil plans of the power-hungry who will stop at nothing, not even mass murder. 

A fast paced and unpredictable plot, which is also conceivable, allowing for the probability we know very little of what actually happens behind the scenes of world affairs. The issues are compelling and plausible. It’s a fascinating and thought provoking premise, full of intrigue, action and suspense. Well written with believable dialogue and a well-formed, detailed cast of characters, including mystery, romance and a terrific performance by Luke Daniels. And a very unexpected ending, not a cliff hanger but an intriguing set up for book three. 

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About the author

SeanChercoverSean Chercover is a former private detective turned novelist and screenwriter. A native of Toronto, he has held a motley assortment of jobs over the years, including video editor, scuba diver, nightclub magician, encyclopedia salesman, and truck driver. He is the author of two award-winning novels featuring Chicago private investigator Ray Dudgeon: Big City, Bad Blood and Trigger City. After living in Chicago; New Orleans; and Columbia, South Carolina, Sean has returned to Toronto where he lives with his wife and son. His fiction has won the Anthony, Shamus, CWA Dagger, Dilys, and Crimespree awards, and been shortlisted for the Edgar, Barry, Macavity, Arthur Ellis and ITW Thriller awards.

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