The Dragon of the Month Club

  • Dragon book coverAuthor: Iain Reading
  • Published: December 2014 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Category: Young Adult, Fantasy
  • four-stars

The Dragon Of The Month Club is the exciting first installment in a new book series that tells the story of Ayana Fall and Tyler Travers, two best friends who stumble across an extraordinarily magical book and soon find themselves enrolled as members of a very special and exclusive club – The Dragon of the Month Club. 

On the thirteenth of every month a new dragon conjuring spell is revealed and the two friends attempt to summon the latest Dragon of the Month. The varieties are almost endless: Air Dragons, Paper Dragons, Fog Dragons, Waterfall Dragons, Rock Dragons, Tree Dragons – not to mention special bonus dragons for all the major holidays, including a particularly prickly Holly Dragon for Christmas. 

After her father walked out and because her mother lost her job, Ayana Fall and her mother have relocated to a small town in Alberta. Ayana misses her home in Vancouver, the majestic Rockies, and her friends. To make matters worse she’s being targeted by a school bully. After a particularly horrible encounter with the very unpleasant and vicious Heather van der Sloot and her cohorts, Ayana seeks solace in the dim and dusty reaches of the library. Emotion overwhelms her, tears falling in earnest and thoughts swirling. Only when she was cried out did she notice a boy watching her from behind a shelf of books. And that’s when the friendship between Ayana and Tyler Travers begins.

The pair become the best of friends and meet up most days, spending time in various places, including the library. Which is where they find, quite by accident as Ayana lets off steam after yet another run in with horrid Heather, a magical book – how to conjure your very own dragon in six easy steps.

“We have to try this!” Ayana said excitedly.

Tyler was skeptical. How can this possibly be real? He took THE BOOK from Ayana and scanned the pages of introduction and instruction for a second time.

“I don’t know,” he said hesitantly. But that’s when Tyler looked at Ayana and saw her staring back at him. Gone were the tears of pain that had been streaming down her face just a minute earlier. Gone was the anger and frustration that had led to their discovery of THE BOOK in the first place. All that was left written on her beautiful face was the wide-eyed thrill of discovery and excitement and unwavering belief that something as crazy as this dragon book might actually work.

After several unsuccessful attempts Ayana and Tyler manage to conjure their first dragon. But when one spell goes horribly wrong Ayana and Tyler find themselves in strange, magical worlds having even stranger adventures, all related to the books in Tyler’s room. As one book world leads them into another they make some good friends who do their best to assist Ayana and Tyler in finding their way back home.  The friends also find themselves in dangerous situations, needing their wits about them along with the help of the dragons they conjure as they are targeted by an evil Roving Tailor, giant sand worms, sharks and other evil creatures.

As with all Iain Reading’s books this is full of imagination, action and lots of research. The book worlds are described vividly and are taken from classic stories, including nineteen century German folktales. I especially enjoyed a very inventive Sherlock Holmes segment. There’s many a book I’ve wished I could disappear into and I think this story would give young readers’ imaginations free rein. The dragons are brilliant too, who wouldn’t like their own little paper, water or fog dragon, just to mention a few. Ayana and Tyler are great characters and their friendship is lovely. I’m not sure I’d class this as young adult though, it seems a better fit for pre teens.

I received this book from the publisher/author. This does not affect my opinion or the content of my review.

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About the author

IainReadingIain Reading is passionate about Root Beer, music, and writing. He is Canadian, but currently resides in the Netherlands working for the United Nations. He has published 5 books in the Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency Series.

Don’t forget to check out the latest happenings in the world of Kitty Hawk at and it you’re interested also head over to and check out some of the songs that I write and record in my spare time in an effort to try and convince people that I am much busier than I actually am.

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