Quintessentially Yours

  • Quintessentially Yours med-1Author: Linn B Halton
  • Published: August 2015 by Endeavour Press
  • Category: Contemporary, Romance, Paranormal
  • five-stars

 Katherine Dale lives her life according to her daily horoscope forecast. Having recently hit forty, Katherine is living with her partner, James Kingman, and their delightful little six-month-old daughter, Leyla. James is an up-and-coming name in astrology and that’s how they met. At a party to celebrate the publication of Katherine’s first novel, James was about to propose when Katherine announced the news that she was expecting a baby. ‘Ask me later, when I can fit into my dream dress’ she’d told him.

Wind forward thirteen months and while there is an engagement ring on Katherine’s finger, James still can’t mention the ‘m’ word. Leyla suffers from colic and won’t settle into any semblance of a routine. The lack of sleep is taking its toll on them all. James is at his wits’ end trying to cope with his increasing workload, while handling a hormonal woman who feels like an abject failure. And then there’s his boss, who has designs – on him!

With feline help from No. 4, plus a little timely advice from old postman Tom and neighbour Ed, can James and Katherine’s love for each other survive all of the challenges that life is throwing at them? Will there ever be time to plan that dream wedding?

Quintessentially Yours is the follow-up to Under The Stars and we catch up with Katherine Dale and James Kingman after the birth of their daughter, Leyla. Mark Ainsley Thomas lost his wife, Isobel, very suddenly and has not been coping well during the last, very tough, year. Each of them have had major changes in their lives and are dealing with the resulting difficulties and complications. Even No4, the fabulous feline, used to being the centre of attention has been displaced and is grappling with the upheaval in his world.

Baby Leyla suffers from colic and Katherine is struggling with exhaustion and feelings of inadequacy. Her writing career is not flourishing and her third book has been rejected. James’ workload is increasing and coupled with the sleepless nights, unwanted advances and the building work on the cottage things are not going at all smoothly. Both of them are holding things back from each other, for the best of reasons, but it all adds to the rising tension. Mark feels the need for change and enlists Katherine’s help when his first attempt goes horribly wrong. 

Was I looking for something to boost my confidence and kick-start me into thinking about a life outside work? Even the thought of meeting someone new is a daunting prospect. On the other hand, do I want to walk around looking like I’m constantly unhappy, which isn’t true; or that I’m mulling over a serious dilemma like a global crisis.

Well, the result was a reaction that makes me look like a cross between a badly made-up clown, and someone who has been in the ring and lost the fight to a much better opponent.

What I like so much about Linn Halton’s characters is the realism and authenticity, they are so easy to relate to and like. Katherine and James are adjusting to life with a new baby and the reality, although joyful, is a shock to the system, especially when combined with lack of routine and sleep, uncertainty about careers and long working hours. James’ star is rising as Katherine’s seems to be falling. James is playing a much more active role since Mark offered him a partnership in the company.

After the success of her first book, Katherine hasn’t been able to maintain the momentum and her third manuscript has been rejected. She’s battling with hormones and feels useless as a mother and a writer. By helping and supporting Mark, Katherine puts her concerns to one side and she finds her sense of resolve and determination returning. But her efforts on Mark’s behalf encourage the wrong sort of attention and an old scandal is revived.

The insight into the intricacies of the publishing world is very interesting and of course, I love the astrology aspect and the nod to the paranormal, both of which are nicely incorporated into the narrative along with a touching mix of humour and warmth. I enjoyed very much getting reacquainted with Katherine, James, Mark and old Tom, the postman. Not forgetting No 4 who comes into his own in good style. 

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About the author

LBH author photoBristol-born Linn B. Halton lives in the small village of Lydbrook, which nestles on the edge of the Forest of Dean, in the UK. She resides there with her husband and feline with ‘catitude’- Mr Tiggs.

Linn began writing in March 2009 and her debut novel was published in February 2011. In a recent interview Linn was asked about genres:

“From a very young age I knew romantic fiction was always going to be my genre. I am, and will always be, madly in love with love! Whether that’s love of life, a partner, or the things I’m passionate about.

My stories are about love, life and real relationships – but romance is always the one thing that holds each story together. Often there’s a light, psychic touch and I never dreamed I would write drawing upon my personal psychic experiences. But as my interest and understanding in the subject has grown, it is now such a part of my life that it finds its way into my fictional tales. However, what is heartening is that most of my experiences have been uplifting and it’s wonderful to know loved ones are around me always. I hope it will make readers stop and wonder ‘What if?’

 The result is that I get a lot of mail from readers who have had similar experiences and some are sharing theirs for the first time with me. I always feel that’s something rather special and for which I’m very grateful.”

Love, life and beyond… but it’s ALWAYS about the romance!

Linn is published by Choc Lit, HarperImpulse, Endeavour Press and Sapphire Star Publishing.

Linn is also the managing editor of Loveahappyending Lifestyle emagazine.

Website/blog: http://linnbhalton.co.uk/

Twitter: @LinnBHalton FB: Linn B Halton Author

Loveahappyending Lifestyle emagazine: 


Linn’s Books on Amazon: http://smarturl.it/LinnBHaltonbooks

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8 thoughts on “Quintessentially Yours

  1. A Friday wave and thanks so much for taking the time to read and review Quintessentially Yours, Cathy! I can never resist that little nod to the paranormal, can I? I loved living in the world of these characters and will miss them … but it’s rather special to know that you enjoyed them, too! Lx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m yearning to write another ‘heavier’ one similar to Never Alone … think it might have to be sooner, rather than later! So much happening around me at the moment … mainly triggered by the loss of Mr Tiggs. Have a lovely, relaxing weekend! Lx

        Liked by 1 person

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