A Bullet For The Ghost Whisperer

  • cover-1Author: Stan Schatt
  • Published: November 2015 by Pen-L Publishing
  • Category: Crime, Suspense, Paranormal
  • four-stars

When the CEO of Zynx, a high-tech startup company, is found dead at his desk, determined Detective “Frankie” Ryan is assigned the case. She learns that everyone entering and leaving the super-secure building is logged in and out automatically—it would take a ghost to get 
through that kind of security. She enlists reluctant gossip columnist and ace reporter for the Midnight Whisperer, Josh Harrell, to help her solve the case. After all, he has his own ghostly assistant, a seductive spirit that only he can see. But can she save Josh and Frankie from the killer’s bullet?

Detective Frankie Ryan has been called to a crime scene at Zynx, an up and coming new company, whose CEO Roland Price has been found murdered.  Initial interviews with the staff provide no leads and no-one with an apparent motive. As more information is gathered and Frankie’s impressions of the workforce, the company’s security system and Price’s wife, begin to form she realises finding the murderer is going to be a complicated process. Her private life is not running smoothly either. An internal affairs detective is trying to discredit Frankie and now seems to be focusing on, Nick, her undercover cop boyfriend.

Josh Harrell is the star reporter at the Midnight Whisperer and as such he serves as the paper’s (unenthusiastic) psychic columnist. Josh actually has psychic abilities and can see and speak with his guardian angel Andrea, or Andy for short, who has saved him on more than one occasion.

He discovered that his male ancestors all shared unusual psychic abilities. Unable to cope with or understand their visions, many became alcoholics, a few committed themselves to asylums, and one living in Salem suffered the indignity of being burned at the stake after being convicted of secretly practising witchcraft.

Josh is given a story to investigate about alien technology transfer and a conspiracy reaching the highest levels. When he meets with Rolf Schneider and reviews the material given to him, Zynx is the name at the top of the list. This information brings Frankie and Josh work together on another case which proves to be more convoluted than either of them realised. Another, seemingly unconnected murder, that of an extremely harsh literary agent, confuses the issue even more. When tragedy strikes, bringing together the professional and personal, Frankie puts herself in danger while digging for the truth. 

A solid police procedural with an interesting storyline uncovering company and police corruption. Frankie and Josh make a good team, each complimenting the other’s abilities. Frankie has a huge amount to deal with on a professional and personal level and needs to bring in outside help as trust in her colleagues has been compromised. From a character point of view, I like Josh. Initially he found his psychic abilities difficult to cope with but is adjusting to the reality of a guardian angel and Andy’s impromptu appearances. I enjoy the paranormal aspect very much. Who wouldn’t like an Andy in their life.

I received an ARC from the author in return for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion or the content of this review.

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About the author

StanSchattBWStan Schatt has written thirty books on a wide variety of topics including a chapter book for children, a YA novel, biographies of Michael Connelly and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., and books on technology and career changing. His love for teaching is reflected in outstanding teaching awards he received from the University of Southern California and DeVry Institute of Technology.

He is a futurist, technologist, novelist, and a person curious about many things. His writing takes advantage of his wide-ranging work, from autopsy assistant to police department administrator, salesman, literature professor and telecommunications professor, technology analyst, and research director. He has always loved technology and politics almost as much as writing. Stan is also volunteer job acquisition facilitator for the unemployed in San Diego. He writes mysteries in Carlsbad, California, where he lives with his wife, Jane.

Find Stan at www.stanschatt.com (website and blog) and on Twitter

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