10 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday ~ Memories

  1. Absolutely beautiful…especially as our weather forecast says it will be around 90 degrees here on Christmas day. *sigh* I really hate it when I can’t have a fire on Christmas morning. BUT, I’ll just wear shorts, and crank down the a/c while the turkey is roasting, and hope for a more normal temperature next year. (In the grand scheme of things, it’s only a small disappointment.)

    The second photo of the shepherd is just beautiful, and if I were still painting custom pet portraits, I’d be emailing you to see if you’d like one. So nicely posed!

    Thanks for sharing this morning. 🙂

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      • If I ever decide my repetitive stress syndrome will let me do the portraits again, I’ll let you know. She’d be a great subject, and the pose is perfect. So sorry you lost her. I know the kind of hole our beloved pets leave in our hearts. But aren’t we lucky to have them for a while? They enrich our lives in so many ways. We have two older dachshunds and four cats, which is way too many animals for us, really. When they head to that great Lizard Hunting Ground in the sky, some of them will not be replaced. Two cats is our goal these days. But I’ll still be enjoying OPD’s. (Other People’s Dogs.) 😀

        Have a great holiday!

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      • Thanks, Marcia 🙂 She was very special to me. I’d love to have a menagerie but my husband is a one dog man although I’m doing my best to convince him our dog would benefit from some doggy company 😉


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