Technology Headaches ~ mobile #wifi

dlI’m having issues with the mobile wi-fi purchased for the purpose of filling in until the proper wi-fi was able to be connected.  The actual device seems to be at fault which, of course, is past the date for replacement. The only way I can get online is through my phone’s hotspot and that’s so slow it’s like going backwards.

The previous house owner wanted to keep his phone number which resulted in the line being blocked, so our internet provider was locked out. He’s moving into the new property on the 20th so hopefully we’ll be up and running soon after. 

So please don’t think I’m ignoring you if I’m not much in evidence for the next week or so. I’ll retweet as much as possible and share posts when I can, maybe even take my laptop to the coffee shop! Or perhaps take note of a quote I found on Pinterest… 


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