On Lucky Shores ~ A Chet Walker #Adventure by @KerryJDonovan #RBRT

  • 28588716Author: Kerry J Donovan
  • Published: January 2016 by Human Vertex Publications
  • Category: Mystery, Crime, Thriller, Romance
  • four-half-stars

In an action-packed tale of secrets and lies in small town America, Chet Walker is a man forced to make decisions that will affect his future and the life of the woman he loves.

When his life is threatened, Chet Walker learns the truth behind the saying, “no good deed goes unpunished.” 

Singer/songwriter Chet Walker has been running from his past for the last eighteen months, hitchhiking from town to town, singing for his supper and hoping for inspiration along the way. As he heads towards Lucky Shores, a little town in the Rockies, after seeing a billboard advertising an open mic night, he witnesses a terrible car accident. The only occupant of the car is in a very bad way and as Chet does what he can to help, the dying man whispers a few words, a mysterious message for his daughter which he wants Chet to deliver.

Mickey sagged. “Will you find her…tell her? Please? She’s…all I have. All I…had.”

Walker studied the man once more. Pale skin, labored breathing. The sign’s weren’t good.

“Where can I find her? What’s her full name?’

Josephine Claire…Dolan. Lucky Shores. Promise me…”

“Promise you what?”

“Tell her it wasn’t me. Didn’t…do it, but…tell her I drew snake eyes.”

Chet has no idea of the developments which await him in Lucky Shores, or how delivering the message and meeting Joey Dolan will change his life. He is met with distrust, unfriendliness and aggression from some of the residents. Chet has his work cut out to get Joey to listen to what he has to tell her, until he comes up with a novel way of getting the message across.

Michael Dolan is despised by most people in Lucky Shores, injured or not, and by association Chet is unwelcome. The small town sheriff is suspicious and the two local thugs take exception to Chet, their blundering attack thwarted by some great moves, leaving them injured and embarrassed.

colorado-689377_640The puzzling message from Michael Dolan to his daughter involves both Joey and Chet in a years’ old mystery, which puts lives in danger, most notably their own. The mixture of action, suspense, mystery and a dash of romance is combined really well and I love the song verses at the beginning of each part of the story. 

The plot is well paced with lots of action, romance and mystery, well drawn and credible characters, both main and secondary, and set against the evocatively described, imposing and impressive backdrop of the Colorado stretch of the Rocky Mountains. I really like Chet and the way his back story and depth of character is revealed as the story progresses. It gives an appreciation of his complex personality, versatility and an understanding of why he responds as he does to certain situations.

I enjoyed this book very much, great writing, characterisation and story structure. It’s packed with vivid imagery and I’m looking forward to more adventures with Chet Walker.

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About Kerry J. Donovan

KJDKerry was born in Dublin way back in the days before mobile phones and colour television. He spent most of his life in the UK, and now lives in Brittany with his long-suffering wife of thirty-seven years, no dogs, and no cats. He has three children and three grandchildren; all live in England. He has a degree in Human Biology, and a PhD in Respiratory Physiology. Kerry earns his living as a furniture designer/maker, a market research analyst, and a writer.

The DCI Jones Casebook series now has three editions and with more on the way, Kerry has an exciting psychological thriller, The Transition of Johnny Swift, which is a #1 Amazon Bestseller, and has just released the American action adventure tale, On Lucky Shores.

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