Game of Lies ~ O’Connor & Kincaid #2 by @T_DiamondBooks

  • 26881287Author: Tess Diamond
  • Published: November 2015 by Tess Diamond Books
  • Category: Thriller, Suspense, Crime, Novella
  • four-stars

A Senator daughter has been kidnapped, and the FBI’s best hostage negotiator Agent Kincaid knows something isn’t right. What started as a routine case has spiraled into political conspiracy – with a young girl’s life on the line. 

Teaming up with ex-forces security expert Jake O’Connor, Maggie must fight the victim’s family and her own FBI bosses to rescue the innocent girl trapped in the middle of this dangerous game – before it’s too late. But when clues from the case trigger memories of her own kidnapping, she discovers that her past demons might be the most deadly enemy of all.

Game of Lies continues the story from exactly where Dangerous Games finished. The kidnapper has been identified but his reasons are still a mystery and Senator Thebes remains decidedly uncommunicative about the mysterious file at the heart of kidnapping. Although Maggie Kincaid and security expert and ex forces Jake O’Connor are certain he knows more than he’s willing to admit, and cannot understand his continued and bewildering attitude, given his only child is in imminent peril.

The kidnapper’s identity is a shock to everyone and as Maggie and Jake dig into his past and as motives become clearer, the danger, risk and suspense increases. The kidnapper is unnerved, he hadn’t expected Maggie to uncover so much background. His behaviour is causing Maggie and Jake great concern, they know Kayla will be on the receiving end of any pressure put on Grayson. 

Maggie knew that the FBI getting the drop on him wasn’t part of Grayson’s plan. That’s what worried her the most. Max Grayson was a control freak. And when control freaks have to deviate from their plans, they tend to panic. Panic was a powerful thing, Maggie knew all too well. It was what had fueled her that night Erica had convinced her to run. It’d been the claws raking her throat as she ran through the woods, sobbing, aching, and terrified.

Panic could change a person. It robbed them of rational thought.

Panic could turn a man into a murderer.

The repercussions of Maggie’s past experiences continue to plague her but as a result there is more insight into her character and more knowledge about the case that caused her to leave the FBI. Her intention is to bring the senator’s daughter home safe, whatever it takes despite the mystery surrounding the senator and lack of respect from her fellow agents. But time is running out for Kayla and Maggie is desperate to avoid the loss of another young girl’s life.

nio con libro leyendoA really solid story, well thought through plot and believable characters. It delivered, and I can’t fault the writing. Maggie and Jake’s relationship deepens, both professionally and personally, and they make a great team. Lots of misleading clues, suspense and tension. I knew this would end on another cliffhanger….but I have the next one ready to go. I just would have preferred a full length novel.

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This review is based on a digital copy from the author. This does not affect my opinion or the content of my review.

About Tess Diamond

Tess  Diamond is a romantic suspense addict with a taste for danger – and chocolate cake. She lives in Colorado Springs with her law enforcement husband, two kids, and ferocious Jack Russell guard dog. She always dreamed of being an FBI agent, and now she almost is – if watching 24 reruns and plotting her next novel counts.

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