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  • 16062945Author: Zoe Saadia
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With the crushing defeat resulting in the conquest of the beautiful Texcoco, fleeing into the Highlands seemed like their only option. 
Before giving it much thought, Kuini takes his highborn Acolhua friend, the heir to Texcoco throne, to his homeland, to hide in the safety of the mountains, while counting on the help of his people. 

Following on from The Highlander, Crossing Worlds continues the adventures of Kuini and Coyotl, friends from distinctly different backgrounds. Disillusioned with what he considered his father’s deception, Kuini left his homeland angry and estranged from his family. The boys have spent the last two years as warriors, fighting the enemies of Coyotl’s people. He and Coyotl are nevertheless forced to return to Huexotzinco when the Lowlanders are defeated in battle and the Emperor, Coyotl’s father, is killed.

Coyotl’s presence is not received well by certain parties in Huexotzinco, and only tolerated because he is a friend of the War Leader’s son. But the two nations have been enemies for generations and dissension brings matters to a head. The War Leader can see the benefits of an alliance with the Acolhua people, between them they have a good chance of defeating the Tepanecs. So Kuini’s appeal to help Coyotl return as Emperor has the backing of his father.

The heavy silence seemed to fill the air with something poisonous, difficult to breathe. Even the wind seemed to freeze. Not a leaf rustled, not a branch cracked.

“So this is why we are forced to host the filthy Acolhua, the heir to the Texcoco throne,” said Ai slowly, stressing his every word. “That’s why mighty Camaxtli was refused the opportunity to receive the heart of this highborn Lowlander as an offering?”

Mino held her breath.

“We have a long tradition of taking in refugees,” she heard her husband saying calmly, voice just a little too low.

How could he keep so calm at this continued probing against his authority, and before all the respectable people of Huexotzinco?

I love how Kuini and Coyotl have grown, still retaining the mischievousness and friendship of their youth despite the years of fighting and becoming seasoned warriors. Kuini and his father gain greater understanding of, and respect for, each other. Political and cultural intrigue surrounds them all, drawing in Dehe, a self-sufficient refugee who lives on the fringes of Huexotzinco after falling foul of Mino, the priestess of Itzpapalotl, who is also Kuini’s mother. She becomes involved after overhearing a conspiracy against Coyotl and Kuini, with the intent of undermining the credibility of the War Leader.

As with all her books, Zoe Saadia weaves together intriguing, well researched historical facts and fiction into a fascinating, realistic and dramatic story which brings Mesoamerica and it’s peoples vividly to life. The storytelling flows smoothly allowing a glimpse into long ago times. Wonderfully developed and engaging characters draw attention to the role of each personality, new and old, in moving the story forward, and also demonstrate the differences and conflicts between and within the communities.  

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About the author

zoesaadiaZoe Saadia is the author of several novels of pre-Columbian Americas. 

Having researched various pre-contact cultures of this continent for more than a decade, she is convinced that it’s a shame that such a large part of history was completely overlooked, by historical fiction most of all. 

Both Americas has an extremely rich, diverse, fascinating history long before this continent was discovered by other civilizations. 
So her professional motto is set. America has not been discovered, not yet. Not in her novels :-)

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6 thoughts on “Crossing Worlds ~ Rise of the Aztecs #2 #Histfic #SundayBlogShare @ZoeSaadia

  1. I love Zoe’s books, Cathy and this has made me want to pick up right where I left off. I think I’m a couple of books ahead of you 😀 A great review which really does the book justice.

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