#Conwy Mountain Ramble with @JanRuthAuthor ~ fabulous views #Photography

Having seen Jan’s posts about her 6+ mile hikes I admit to being a teensy bit apprehensive when we made arrangements to go for a walk on Conwy mountain. I’m more of a three (or four… possibly…on a good day) miles, and mostly on the level walker.

After going round, up and over, the pedometer app on my phone told me we’d done just over six and a half miles and climbed the equivalent of 79 floors! So, does that mean I qualify as a (mini) mountain climber?! ;-D  It was definitely worth it, and a walk I’ll do again.



The views were incredible from all directions.


Dwarfing the Great Orme…


Views over the Great Orme and Little Orme with Llandudno and the bay in the distance



Looking towards Snowdonia


And Conwy far below..


Jan’s photo of Finn to finish off. I think he enjoyed it too!


34 thoughts on “#Conwy Mountain Ramble with @JanRuthAuthor ~ fabulous views #Photography

  1. This looks like a beautiful hike Cathy and the heather is still so vibrant in colour. So nice you went further than your ‘normal’ distance and that you and Finn enjoyed it too. Your photographs are stunning and thank you so much for sharing. Much love to you and Finn ☺🐾🐾

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  2. Those photos are stunning – what a view! I think if I could ever hike 79 floors without noticing, I would definitely need a view like that to keep me going!

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  3. That one where you can see Conwy Castle far below makes me think of how it would have looked in medieval times, getting to the crest of the hill and being able to see the castle, without all the houses and other buildings. It looks sort of mystical!


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