Beautiful #Northumberland #Photography #Sunrise

A stunning sunrise this morning from our holiday cottage a stone’s throw from the beach. I love being able to hear the waves rolling up the sand 🙂



The beach was deserted apart from the locals!



Finn had fun



Coquet Island is an RSPB reserve and is home to a variety of protected seabirds, including puffins, as well as the wardens in spring and summer. The tiny island was initially a monastic cell in the 7th century, then was utilised as a lighthouse. It’s a designated sanctuary, the public are not allowed to land but boat trips can be taken to enjoy close up views of the birds.


13 thoughts on “Beautiful #Northumberland #Photography #Sunrise

    1. Thank you, Xenia 🙂 I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the weather, we’ve been lucky up to now. Finn loves the beaches, they are spectacular and mostly empty. Love to you all xxx

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