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It was just by chance we found this tiny little hamlet of Edlingham, which comprises only a small group of houses and sits in a beautiful valley. I love finding unexpected treasures like this. Included in this out of the way place is the medieval 11th century church of St John the Baptist. According to the information booklet in the church, there were earlier wooden structures on the site but the first stone building took shape during the year 1000. 

Sometimes it’s nice to see the basic and unpretentious structure without all the opulence and wealth associated with the church in later years.





Just a short walk way are the ruins of Edlingham Castle. This was a fortified medieval manor house in the latter half of the 12 century which was added to extensively over the years as a fortification against Scottish raids. Apparently a lot of the stone was extracted and used for building materials after the castle was abandoned in the mid 1600s. It’s now in the care of English Heritage.





16 thoughts on “#Historic Edlingham ~ #MondayBlogs Church & Castle #Ruins #EnglishHeritage

  1. I love old architecture. A building started in 1000 gives me shiver. It’s surreal cause it’s still standing (with helping hands over the centuries). Bright and gorgeous photos. Love the inside of that church. Is that stained glass at the top of the last photo inside the church? 🙂

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    1. It’s almost unbelievable, except it’s there in front of you, to think it’s been there so long. Yes, that window is stained glass. The photo doesn’t capture the depth of colour – it’s very beautiful 🙂


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