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  • 51tttgqmh1lAuthor: G Lawrence
  • Kindle Edition
  • Historical/Fiction
  • five-stars

1522, England. 

Anne Boleyn has lived an adventurous youth in the glittering courts of Europe, now, promised in marriage to a man she knows nothing of, Anne has been called home by her ambitious father.

As with the first book, this one also opens with Anne in the Tower of London awaiting her fate, lost in reminiscences. She recalls arriving in England after her years in France, unhappy and homesick to leave the country and people she loves. And all because her father wants to marry her off to acquire the estates and titles he thinks should rightly belong to his family.

Anne is not at all happy with the situation. She feels more French than English, is afraid she won’t fit in and will be friendless in this country which now seems alien to her. The terrible English weather doesn’t help, adding to her misery. But her childhood friend and neighbour, Thomas Wyatt, soon becomes her ally and champion. Joining the court as a maid of honour to Henry VIII’s Queen, Katherine, Anne becomes very popular and a leader in fashion with her own individual dress sense.

It’s fascinating to read an account of what could have been Anne’s thoughts, feelings and daily life, getting an insight into her character and motivations, to see Henry VIII through her eyes, and also through the eyes of her brother, George, and sister, Mary, both of whom were close to Henry. In some ways Anne is a contradiction, intelligent and sophisticated yet with the romantic ideals of a girl, as shown by her involvement with Henry Percy.

But I watched Percy trotting like a lamb towards his father’s rooms and I knew then with perfect clarity that even if he was given the chance, he would not fight for me. He was too scared; too scared of his father, too scared of the Cardinal, of the King….of losing his inheritance. He was not strong enough to face their displeasure. Indeed, who was?

“No,” I whispered slowly, the tears drying on my cheeks as I felt an icy coldness spread from the hole Percy had left in my heart. “No, it is over. He will not fight for me.”

Anne had felt an attraction to Henry for years but only after she re-enters the Court after her banishment by Cardinal Wolsey for her ‘presumptuous and arrogant’ plans to marry Percy, does the attraction flourish as she and Henry were often in the same circles. Although she’s always been envious of her sister’s relationship with Henry, Anne is determined she will be no man’s mistress, not even a King’s.

Anne’s portrayal is realistic and believable and I enjoyed the interactions between Anne and Henry. It’s extremely interesting to read about court life, the intrigues behind the scenes and how false it seems most of the time. 

The court and I had always understood each other well. I fell in line with its fabrications on the reality of life.

As with the first book, the attention to detail and obvious research is wonderful, clothes, food, manners and court politics, all bringing the past to life vividly.

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rosies-book-review-team-1Reviewed for Rosie Amber’s book review team and based on a digital copy from the author. This does not affect my opinion or the content of my review.

About Gemma Lawrence

I am an independently published author, and proud to be so. Living in a little cottage in Cornwall in the UK, I love where I live as much as I love to write.

The age of the Tudors has been an obsession for me since I was a child, and many of my upcoming books will center on that time, but I also pen the odd dystopian fiction or historical fiction from other time periods. I will be releasing all my titles on amazon, for kindle and then hopefully for print later. 

I studied Literature (with a capital L) at University and usually have twenty or more books I’m currently reading. Reading and writing are about mood for me, and I haven’t found a genre I didn’t enjoy something about so far… 

You can often find me on Wattpad or Twitter when I’m not writing…

7 thoughts on “The Lady Anne (Above All Others Book 2) #RBRT #TuesdayBookBlog #Historical Fiction @TudorTweep

  1. So good to see my fellow RBRT members loving these books! I had a feeling you would like this one more than the first, Cathy. I think Gemma’s insight is masterful 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I will never tire of the court of Henry 111V. There does seem to be an innate interest in the Tudors, for those of us directly descended ( which I believe are plentiful!) I understand I am related to the Boleyns by marriage, and that my last name not only comes from the Plantagenets but is also one of the seven Stewart sects from Scotland. It seems to me these people married each other! I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who can say something similar. This review is a good one, and the language of the excerpt is beautiful. I applaud Gemma Lawrence and love hearing she lives on the Cornish Coast. I’m so glad to have found this post! Thank you, Cathy, and slainte to Gemma!

    Liked by 1 person

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