6 thoughts on “Stepping Out From Behind the blogging computer #wwwblogs

  1. It was wonderful to meet you Cathy and honestly your welcoming hug was much needed as I’m always so nervous of meeting new people – although of course no one here was new as it was like walking into real life Twitter and we just carried on conversations as if we’d known each other forever 🙂

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  2. Hi Cathy, for some reason I didn’t see or comment on the original blog. I think that somehow I got it a bit mixed up with Terry’s blog post about the Belmont Belles. How rude of me ! It was so lovely to meet you all face to face and you were exactly how I imagined you – so warm and friendly. I hope your group will return to visit us another time – either collectively or singly. A warm welcome is promised. Getting towards the end of my next novel and I hope I;ll have a paperback copy to send to you before Easter.

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    • Hi Lizzie, no problem at all. There was a few posts flying about 🙂 It was really lovely to meet you all too, especially you, June and Adrienne because we’ve had so much virtual correspondence. I’m sure we’ll have a return visit. All good wishes for the new book…can’t wait! xx


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