Fur Coat & No Knickers by @AdrienneAuthor ~ Collection of #shortstories #poetry #FridayReads

  • Author: Adrienne Vaughan
  • Published: December 2016 by New Romantics Press
  • Category: Short Stories, Poetry, Book Review, Books, Reading

A mixture of thrilling, gripping and heart-warming short stories for a cosy fireside read anytime, anyplace.

Fur Coat & No Knickers is a varied collection of short stories and poems encompassing a wide range of differing emotions, and giving a glimpse into people’s lives. Adrienne Vaughan manages, with concise and in depth prose, to reach the heart of each character and create well crafted and multi layered storylines in just a few pages. The characters are relatable and so very well drawn, in realistic situations, some of which must happen all the time.

Some stories are thought provoking, such as A Married Man, when thoughtless actions can cause unforeseen and tragic repercussions. George and Mildred is a lovely story of the start of a mature romance, which benefits from a little canine help, while Heir Apparent is a tale of manipulation. A Seed of Doubt has a supernatural twist. The very poignant and touching A Visit at Christmas. An involved Irish family drama within The Messenger, the longest of the stories….I could go on…I enjoyed each one.

All the stories very cleverly incorporate an individual twist and/or message, some include flashes of humour and each one explores the distinct nuances of human nature and behaviour.

And sandwiched in between are a delightful selection of poems.

Extract from Another Time

What other world is this I’ve seen

Twixt then and now, and in between?

What shaft of light revealed a crack

Of somewhere else, of time gone back?

What slice of life, that’s gone before

Was glimpsed beyond an open door?

How can the stranger, I’ve just met

Be someone known, I can’t forget?

Familiar, warm, yet fresh and new

I wonder if you felt it too?

I’ve enjoyed each of Adrienne Vaughan’s full length novels very much, and this collection only emphasises the author’s wonderful storytelling ability and writing skills.

I chose to read and review Fur Coat & No Knickers based on a copy of the book supplied by the author/publisher.

Book links ~ Amazon UK | Amazon US

About Adrienne Vaughan

Adrienne Vaughan has been making up stories since she could speak; primarily to entertain her sister Reta, who from a very early age never allowed a plot or character to be repeated – tough audience. As soon as she could pick up a pen, she started writing them down. It was no surprise she wanted to be a journalist; ideally the editor of a glossy music and fashion magazine, so she could meet and marry a pop star – some of that came true – and in common with so many, still holds the burning ambition to be a ‘Bond Girl’! She now runs a busy PR practice and writes poems, short stories and ideas for books, in her spare time. She is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and a founder member of the indie publishing group The New Romantics4. Adrienne lives in Leicestershire with her husband, two cocker spaniels and a retired dressage horse called Marco.

Adrienne’s social media links ~ Website | Twitter Facebook



24 thoughts on “Fur Coat & No Knickers by @AdrienneAuthor ~ Collection of #shortstories #poetry #FridayReads

  1. Reblogged this on New Romantics Press and commented:
    A great collection of short stories and poems for slipping in your handbag/beach bag and reading with a glass of summer wine. Thanks to Cathy for he continued support – much appreciated!

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  2. And finally, thank you Cathy. I can only echo Lizzie’s words, you are an amazing supporter of we indie authors, so generous with your time and your comments. It really is people like you who spur us forever onward, and I thank you most sincerely – if my pen ever needs a push, I know you’re there right behind me! Means a lot. X

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