Point of No Return (DCI Hatherall) by @DianaJFebry #Crime #Suspense #Book Review #TuesdayBookBlog

  • Author: Diana J Febry
  • Published: August 2015 by Wings ePress
  • Category: Crime, Mystery, Suspense, Book Review, Books, Reading

“Nothing to be sorry about. Your mother can’t wait to have you home. We’ll soon have you back on your feet again.”

Digby shuddered. Gratitude at their blind faith clashed violently with anger. The fear of facing another person, who still believed in him when he no longer believed in himself, sliced through him. The knife glowed red hot, the butter creamy and soft. He reached for the door handle. If he hurled himself from the car, the pain would stop.

Digby Pearce, wrongly accused of causing the death of his best friend by dangerous driving, was acquitted at the trial. Maintaining all along that James Palmer had lied about his involvement, the resulting anger and grief crushed and overwhelmed Digby completely, to the point where he made a terrible and drastic decision, hoping to point the finger of blame squarely at Palmer. Digby’s inner struggle and emotions were depicted extremely well, conveying the strength of feeling that ultimately ended in tragedy.

Jim would have been fine, a seat belt bruise at worst, if Palmer had not been on the road with the tractor forks in the wrong position. He was not in the field where he said he was. He had reversed. Digby’s stomach cramped and he pulled his knees to his chest, waiting for the spasms to pass. Palmer killed Jim and lied, leaving him, in his confused state to take the blame.

Two years later, ex hairdresser and wealthy ladies man, James Palmer is on the receiving end of threats and petty vandalism at his farm. Detective Chief Inspector Peter Hatherall and Detective Inspector Fiona Williams are assigned the case. The vandalism takes an alarming turn when Palmer’s wife, Linda, is seriously injured. With an escalation in the violence, resulting in multiple motives and suspects, Peter and Jane follow trails and clues which take many twists and turns.

Set in rural England amongst small villages, close knit communities and the horsey set, this is a classic English murder/mystery. A well paced, effectively narrated police procedural with realistic dialogue and defined, archetypal characters. As with the other books, Diana Febry has created a well thought through, intricate plot with attention grabbing twists and layers. A conventional whodunit without graphically violent scenes or unnecessary padding.

Although I began reading with the last book of the series, it hasn’t affected my enjoyment of the stories. Filling in the gaps was interesting, especially the relationship between Peter and Fiona, as I got the impression initially there was some personal history between them. I hope there will be more investigations with the two of them.

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