The Coven (Crystal Coast Series #1) by Chrissy Lessey @chrissylessey #FridayReads #Witches

  • Author: Chrissy Lessey
  • Published: April 2006 by Pandmoon Publishing
  • Kindle Edition due to be published on 27th June 2017 by Tenacious Books Publishing
  • Category: Contemporary, Magical, Fantasy, Romance, Book Review, Books, Reading

Newly single mother Stevie Lewis divides her time between raising Charlie, running a store with her best friend, and avoiding the meetings of her mother’s Beaufort Historic Society. Although her life has its challenges, it’s altogether average. Just the way she likes it.

The prologue sets up the basis of the story. In 1718 a small colony of witches lived peacefully on a small island, until the queen, Lucia, had a vision of discovery and the persecution to come. ‘She who holds the amulet, holds the power.’ She chooses the three strongest of the young women, with the necessary gifts to ensure their survival. When Lucia’s vision of the pirate attack became actual fact, the fates of Hannah, Catherine and Charlotte were sealed. They find themselves aboard Blackbeard’s ship and at his mercy.  

Fast forward to present day and we meet Stevie Lewis, a descendant of Charlotte, living in Beaufort, a small, quaint town in North Carolina. Stevie is a newly divorced mother of five year old Charlie. When Charlie was diagnosed with autism, Sam and Charlie’s marriage couldn’t stand the strain of their differing opinions of what was best for Charlie.

She studied the man who’d once shared her life, her home, and her bed. He looked like the same boy she’s fallen in love with, but too many years and too much pain had turned them into strangers. They’d been a happy couple once, but that had changed when autism crashed into their lives. Before long, they’d fought every day. Sam blamed Stevie’s obsession with researching treatment options, and Stevie blamed Sam’s unwillingness to seek answers. 

When the wreck of Blackbeard’s flagship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, is discovered in the bay, with the promise of treasure lost for centuries, the past comes crashing into the present. Unaware of her magical heritage, it takes a near disaster to awaken Stevie’s powers and give her access to the secrets of the Coven, run by her own mother who is the president of the Beaufort Historical Society, the front for the coven. Stevie’s life takes on a whole new direction.

After his mother was killed, a teenage Dylan Kent, and his father, left North Carolina for London. Now he’s back. Old rivalries and scores need to be settled. Not all witches are white. Vanessa Moore is also back and determined to claim the amulet.

An engaging, easy to read story, well written and peopled with realistic and diverse characters with personalities to match, incorporating history and beautiful descriptions of the area. I loved reading about the local history. The relationship between Stevie and Charlie is delightful, and it highlights the highs and lows of living with autism. The subject is dealt with sensitively and brought to light a lot of things I wasn’t previously aware of, particularly how the mind of a child with autism can work and subsequently how they cope with every day life. 

An impressive debut with a great storyline, and the first of a trilogy. I’m intrigued to see how the story plays out.

I chose to read and review The Coven based on an advance reader copy supplied by the author/publisher.

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About Chrissy Lessey

Chrissy Lessey is an autism advocate, a coffee junkie, and an avid reader. Her writing career began nearly fifteen years ago when she penned a weekly humorous advice column for a local newspaper. Since then, she has discovered the joyous torture that is fiction writing. Her debut novel, The Coven, marks the beginning of The Crystal Coast series. She is currently working on the next installment in the series as well as other projects.

As a leader in her local autism community, Chrissy has volunteered her time organizing run/walks as well as other fundraisers and awareness events. She helped create a summer camp for children on the spectrum and has contributed in the development of social and support programs for individuals with autism and their families.

Chrissy lives on the coast of North Carolina and has mastered the art of justifying time spent on the beach. Whenever she can steal a few minutes away from her responsibilities, she can be found enjoying a good book while listening to the waves crash on the shore.

A long-time fan of rock music, Chrissy married a talented drummer. She still enjoys hearing him play drums, as long as it’s not in the house. Together, they have two energetic children and an ill-mannered dog.

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