Penrhyn Castle ~ Part 3 ~ The Interior #Photography

The castle took over fifteen years to complete and after seeing the incredibly intricate and opulent interior I could appreciate why.

The library…

One of the guest bedrooms with a slate bed, made especially for Queen Victoria…

Every self-respecting castle has its own chapel…

Just one room in the servants quarters – the cook’s sitting room…

The ornately plastered ceiling took ten years of painstaking work to complete…

As already mentioned earlier, the massive fortunes of the Pennant family were built initially on sugar from the slave plantation they owned in Jamaica, after the slave trade was abolished they began quarrying slate locally at Bethesda. The second Lord Penrhyn, previously a Conservative MP instigated what turned into one of the worst industrial disputes in Britain when he opposed trade unionism, resulting in two strikes from which the family business never really recovered.

In 1949 the estate passed to the Inland Revenue in lieu of death duties and then on to the National Trust. 

This painting depicts how the slate was quarried.

A closer look shows the gentry in the foreground as the workers carried on their dangerous work. Apologies for the poor quality, the overhead light shining on the painting didn’t help.

Next time, the final part is the walled garden.

Parts one and two, if you missed them.



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