Penrhyn Castle ~ Part 4 ~ The Walled #Garden #Photography

Walking through the grounds to the walled garden we pass the ruins of a chapel

There’s something very peaceful and tranquil about a walled garden, especially when there’s no-one else in sight, with the water features, the geometrical beds and the quiet places to sit and contemplate.

Leading off the walled garden is a wilder bog garden, dominated by huge Gunnera plants, sometimes called Dinosaur food. They do look quite prehistoric and can grow to around 9 feet tall with an even larger spread.

The thatched hut gives an elevated view.

Looking back up towards the walled garden.






26 thoughts on “Penrhyn Castle ~ Part 4 ~ The Walled #Garden #Photography

  1. So beautiful Cathy! I know I asked you before but I’m a bit of a bimbo and didn’t write it down. Which camera do you use? All I remember is it was a bridge lol I am after one for when I’m out and about rather than bring one of my big cameras.

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  2. Thanks for these beautifully illustrated series of article about Pen Rhyn Castle. It was a place we often used to go to when on holiday to Anglesey as children. I went back a couple of years ago with my sister who now lives on Anglesey and was delighted to see how much more of the castle they had opened. It brought back some lovely memories.

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