#NewRelease ~ Cayleth Warding and the Scarlet One by Jessica Hernandez #Fantasy

About the book

Fifty-three families looking for a new beginning board a ship and sail to an uninhabited island. Happily they live for well over two decades. Homes are built and the past is forgotten. Paradise, however, is no more after the adults suddenly vanish one night. For three years, the teens and children rule the island of Oridd. For three years, they survive. When an old woman unexpectedly appears on Oridd, all is cast into disarray as the strange and awful threaten to become commonplace. The old woman wants something, and she won’t leave until she gets it.

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An unusually vibrant blob nudged its way into the periphery of Cayleth’s gaze. The elder’s heart came to an abrupt halt as she realized that a gray-haired woman clothed in scarlet had entered the clearing. Loitering at a hundred or so yards from the tree line, the elderly stranger assessed the assembled crowd. Her lips curled upwards disquietingly as she lifted her chin and gave entrance to menace—which danced maniacally upon her face. Cayleth felt her stomach churn violently. She watched the stranger expose her neck and run her fingers from her forehead to the collar of her gown. The ruby gloves donned by the old woman weren’t gloves at all. Had they been, her caresses wouldn’t have left her looking like one just bathed in a pool of gore.

Somehow learning that she went observed, the trespasser put an end to her wild laughter and lowered her blood-stained palms to her sides. An invisible force seemed to turn her head and point it in Cayleth’s direction. Grasping the hilt of the sword hanging from her belt, the lead soldier—who’d rushed towards the Ministry of Hunting and Fishery’s side of the platform—stopped moving. The wickedness radiating from the old woman’s face shook her to the core, loosening valor and sending the thing plummeting to a place far beyond her reach.

“Elder Warding,” whispered Poins, leaning forward and blocking Cayleth’s view. “Are you alright?”

“Did you see that?” asked Cayleth, craning her neck.

“See what?”

“Over there!”

The handsome Poins turned his slender, chiseled face away from Cayleth. His ice-blue eyes graced every inch of the clearing. “Over where, Elder Warding?” 



About the author

Jessica Hernandez was born and raised in the beautiful, sunny state of Florida. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Miami, where she spent more time than she cares to admit daydreaming of a faraway land called Acu. Upon graduating with a degree in English and Political Science in 2014, Jessica put pen to paper and brought Acu to life in the Hawk of Stone duology. 

Currently, Jessica Hernandez is a law student at the University of Miami. Her next novel, Cayleth Warding and the Scarlet One, is set to be released on 7 October 2017.

Want to Connect with Jessica? Here’s Where You Can Find Her: Goodreads | Website | YouTube



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