Lindisfarne (Project Renova #2) by Terry Tyler #PostApocalyptic @TerryTyler4 #FridayReads


  • Author: Terry Tyler
  • Kindle Edition
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Six months after the viral outbreak, civilised society in the UK has broken down. Vicky and her group travel to the Northumbrian island of Lindisfarne, where they are welcomed by an existing community. 

New relationships are formed, old ones renewed. The lucky survivors adapt, finding strength they didn’t know they possessed, but the honeymoon period does not last long. Some cannot accept that the rules have changed, and, for just a few, the opportunity to seize power is too great to pass up. Egos clash, and the islanders soon discover that there are greater dangers than not having enough to eat.

Meanwhile, in the south, Brian Doyle discovers that rebuilding is taking place in the middle of the devastated countryside. He comes face to face with Alex Verlander from Renova Workforce Liaison, who makes him an offer he can’t refuse. But is UK 2.0 a world in which he will want to live?

In the second of the Project Renova Trilogy Vicky, Lottie and their group arrive safely on Lindisfarne, after leaving the house they had called home for last five months. They find a small community already there, ready to welcome newcomers. Although their way of life sounds and feels workable initially, the harmony doesn’t last. Human nature never changes, despite everything they have been through. There will always be those for whom the promise of power is the overriding goal, contrasted with those who still retain a sense of decency and feeling for others. This is a new world without the previous society values or social structure and basically it’s every man or woman for themselves or their group. Very convincing given the circumstances.

It’s funny how you get used to new circumstances.

Already, I look back on our old life as one of ridiculous, pampered luxury. Setting fires, boiling water, waste disposal, it’s all become such a part of my day that I wonder how on earth I used to spend my time. What’s harder to get used to, though, is the danger. I can’t stop thinking about the break in, the night before we left. What if it had just been me and Lottie? Would they have hurt us? The only way to survive now is to get tough. Kara understood this from the off. She knew she had to attack in the Cuthbert Centre, or I suspect having sex with smelly Tom would have been only the beginning. And many of the men there were army, police, who we should have been able to turn to for help.

This life brings out the bad in people more often than it brings out the good, I fear.

The development of characters from the previous book is marked, particularly Lottie and Vicky. Vicky has to confront the full extent of Dex’s deviousness when she realises he is already on the island with the now pregnant woman he left her for. It’s a testament to Terry Tyler’s skill in creating characters that I became so involved with the story. I wanted to shake some sense into Vicky and do serious harm to Dex and Wedge. Lottie has had to grow up quickly and leave adolescence behind, becoming a capable young woman less dependent on her mother, able to think and act for herself.

I love the setting, especially so because I’m familiar with the island, and how the history of the place is woven into the story. And I love Terry Tyler’s writing style. Each chapter comes from a particular character’s point of view, giving the best insight into each of their thoughts, personalities and reactions to those around them, coming from their own distinct voices. The exception to this (apart from some of the original Project Renova members who make another appearance) is Wedge, the leader of the bikers  who are living apart from the main group on Lindisfarne. His part is written in the third person, he’s the wild card, the loose cannon, refusing to conform and living by his own rules.

Imaginative and extremely well written, this is a compelling follow up to Tipping Point. There are totally unexpected twists and new threads added which deepen the plot further. I can’t imagine where the story is going but I’m so looking forward to the final part. The cover is amazing, I love the dark, threatening feel and the almost abstract depiction of the Abbey ruins.

I chose to read and review Lindisfarne based on a digital copy of the book supplied by the author.

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I am self-published and proud to be so, and have fifteen books on Amazon. The latest is book two of my post apocalyptic series, Lindisfarne. I am producing a collection of short stories connected to the series (Patient Zero) for publication in November (cross fingers), and the next instalment should be out in mid 2018.

Aside from this series, I write most contemporary fiction, about the issues that concern so many today; divorce, infidelity, addiction, obsession with celebrity, dysfunctional families, body/image issues, meeting people via social networking sites. Three of my books (Kings and Queens, Last Child and The House of York) are modern day retellings of historical periods in the Tudor and Plantagenet eras.

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14 thoughts on “Lindisfarne (Project Renova #2) by Terry Tyler #PostApocalyptic @TerryTyler4 #FridayReads

  1. Cathy! What a delightful surprise this morning! I just clicked onto my ‘other’ email bit (where I get blog post notifications’, and there it was!!!

    As usual, you’ve chosen an unusual passage to quote that underlines the review so well… you’re so good at this. I’m so glad you like the cover, too. Most people choose the castle for books about Lindisfarne, but because of What Happens In The Priory that kind of changes everything, I thought it should be that. My friend who does my covers showed me loads of different options for the photo by my dear friend Amy that I chose for it, and I really liked the dark and, as you say, almost abstract look. I wanted it to show the menace of that night 🙂 Thank you, I will tell him!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks! 😀 😀 I really wanted people to see that the post apoc genre isn’t all macho men, gore and zombie slaying, with these books. I hope you will like the short stories of Patient Zero…. Book 3 is currently utter rubbish, but it’s only the first 14K words of the first draft, so am not too worried, ha ha! x

        Liked by 1 person

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