Blog Blitz ~ London Noir by Ann Girdharry @rararesources #Extract

London Noir

Memory loss, nightmares, the urge to kill – Sophie has it all.
Is it really Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Or something more sinister? Kal is about to find out…


After a near-fatal road accident, Kal helps Sophie, a young girl in trouble.

The girl’s friends are being murdered one by one. Why? And who by?
Kal must kick start herself out of her downward spiral to save the young stranger.
But Kal is in the grip of the London Cartel, and is someone after the girl, or is the girl after someone?

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Kal helps Sophie, a young girl who has troubled memories and nightmares. This is near the beginning, where we witness one of Sophie’s ‘memory fragments’….

Sophie’s dress rustled as she mounted the stairs. She counted the steps – one, two, three, four. On the fifteenth step, she faltered. This was where it happened. A cold sweat broke out on Sophie’s lip as a fragment of memory shifted into focus – she’d been carried down the stairs by a police man. She remembered his face, older than her father’s. Remembered the strange, petrol-like smell of his uniform. And that her cheek was pressed against one of his metallic buttons. She remembered too, that it looked like carrying her was making him want to cry. He’d held her tight as he walked across the hallway. She’d wanted to look back, to see into the living room but his grip was so firm she’d not been able to move one inch. He must have done that on purpose. So she wouldn’t see all the blood. Except that didn’t stop Sophie seeing it in her nightmares – on the walls, soaked into the furniture and, worst of all, the streaks where her mother had tried to drag herself away…


Ann Girdharry is a British crime suspense thriller author. A trained psychotherapist, she worked for many years as a manager in the not-for-profit sector, for agencies working with carers, vulnerable older people, survivors of abuse, and victims of racial attacks.

She currently lives in Montpellier, France with her husband and two children.

Her debut novel, GOOD GIRL BAD GIRL, is an ERIC HOFFER BOOK AWARD Finalist 2017.

Her second crime suspense thriller, LONDON NOIR, will be published October 2017.

She is also author of Chilling Tales of the Unexpected Short Reads.

Author Links ~ Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads  

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