Ryan Kaine: On The Rocks (Book 2) by @KerryJDonovan #BookReview for #RBRT #FridayReads

  • Author: Kerry J Donovan
  • Published: September 2017 by Human Vertex Publications
  • Category: Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Book Review, Books, Reading

Fresh from finding evidence that might clear him of terrorism charges and still carrying the scars of battle, Ryan Kaine heads to Scotland to help find missing schoolboy, Martin Princeton. 

Facing arrest for shooting down civilian aircraft, Flight BE1555, and killing the 83 people aboard, Kaine is desperate to help find the boy. Why? Martin’s brother was on that plane and Kaine has vowed to protect the families of the victims–The 83. 

Following on from book one – Ryan Kaine: On the Run – Ryan is making a mad dash up to Scotland to help in the search for sixteen year old Martin Princeton, whose brother was a passenger on the doomed civilian aircraft. The events that transpired in the first book continue to take a heavy toll on Ryan, the guilt he feels is overwhelming at times which is why he’s determined to do all he can to see Martin safe and back with his parents. Martin has gone missing during a school camping trip in the Scottish Highlands and is in a desperate life and death situation.

Hunted by the police and with his picture in the press, Ryan does as much as he can to disguise himself, helped by the fact he had taken a beating which resulted in some facial disfiguration.

Whenever he closed his eyes for sleep, Kaine could see the fireball blooming in the sky over the North Sea, taking with it the lives of eighty-three innocent passengers and crew. Despite having been tricked into shooting down Flight BE1555, he’d never be able to forget the pain or fully assuage the guilt of his mistake.

On the drive to Scotland he’d vowed to spend the rest of his life protecting the families of the victims. Eighty-three families who would have a guardian angel, even if they never needed one.

Ryan’s vow begins with Martin Princeton. And so, in the guise of Sergeant-Major Peter Sidings, Ryan joins the Lodge Farm Mountain Rescue Centre, hoping there’s no-one there who might recognise him. He’s a moral, considerate man who, although not technically to blame for the disaster that changed his life, still feels the full weight of guilt, responsibility and a need for reparation.

Kerry Donovan’s tightly plotted and twisty narrative is full of tension and action, with everything taking place over a two day period. A couple of characters from the first book make brief appearances but in the main it’s a whole new cast. Siblings Drew and Iona McTay are fabulously well drawn, and add a contrast to the severity of the story line. Both are tough and decent, in their element and sitting well in the rugged landscape. The wonderful highland setting, with its dangerous terrain, adds to the suspense and helped give one character in particular his just deserts. Emotions run high throughout, not least from the loose cannon heading the armed response team. I had no idea how it was all going to play out.

I always enjoy the more rounded picture that a narrative with multiple perspectives gives and, although the majority is from Ryan’s point of view, we do get other characters’ viewpoints. Kerry Donovan continues to impress with engaging writing, great plotting and characterisations. Looking forward to the next adventure with Ryan Kaine.


I chose to read and review Ryan Kaine: On The Rocks for Rosie Amber’s book review team, based on a digital copy from the author.


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#1 International Best Seller with his action thriller, Ryan Kaine: On the Run, Kerry J Donovan was born in Dublin. A citizen of the world, he now lives in the heart of rural Brittany with his wonderful wife, Jan. They have three children and four grandchildren, all of whom live in England. An absentee granddad, Kerry is hugely grateful for the development of video calling. 
The cottage is a pet free zone (apart from the field mice, moles, and a family of red squirrels).

Author links ~  Website | Facebook | Twitter

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