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Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Answers From Heaven

 Answers from Heaven will be an authoritative, modern up to date classic book about afterlife communication.

Through true life stories of ordinary people who have had paranormal experiences, bestselling author Theresa Cheung and medium Claire Broad will show the various different ways that heaven is trying to answer our prayers, offer us comfort and provide proof of survival.

Chapters include:
1. Messages from the other side
2. Dreams from heaven
3. Living and loving creatures in spirit
4. Love from above
5. Heaven is calling
6. Conversations from Spirit
7. Answers from higher realms
8. Is anybody there?
9. Your own answers from heaven. 

By the end it is hoped that readers will have lost some of their fear of death, be more aware of when the spirit world is trying to contact them, have greater awareness of the scientific research available, understand that mediumship is an expression of eternal love and nothing to be feared and that it’s possible for us all to ask questions and receive answers from the world of spirit.

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Messages from  the other side

Those we loved never go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near…….anonymous

Although you may not be able to ‘hear’ or ‘see’ the afterlife, this doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

Have you ever suddenly changed your mind and done something amazing you never thought you would? That’s spirit inspiring you.

Have you ever strongly sensed that someone was behind you, only to turn around and there is no one there? That’s an angel watching over you.

Have you ever felt completely lost and then, for reasons you can’t explain, everything changes and you are filled with a sense of direction and purpose? That’s heaven sending you a message.

Have you ever felt alone and then a gentle breeze or a beautiful sunset or a smile or a stunning coincidence or just a simple change of heart from the inside out fills you with love and hope? Yes, spirit is reaching out to you again.

Have you ever lost your faith and doubted the existence of heaven and then rediscovered it when all hope felt lost? That’s how spirit works.

Spirit at work

In recent years I have on many occasions felt lost and alone and fiercely doubted that heaven is real. Sometimes there is a personal trigger for that doubt. For example, things in my life aren’t turning out as planned or I’m disappointed or hurt in some way, but more often than not the trigger isn’t personal but related to what I see happening in the world around me. Even as I type this, news is breaking of yet another inexplicable crime – in this case, the brutal murder of a seven- year- old girl.

My heart flies out to the mother and father and family of that innocent child, but I also can’t help but compare this horrific reality with the message of a spiritual life being one of unconditional love, light, beauty and joy. Where were the love, light, beauty and joy for this angel baby? Why would spirit allow this to happen? I try to shut the questions down, but the harder I try the more they scream at me. A seed of doubt has been sown and I am helpless to do anything about it. And as the doubts gather strength, my belief in the message I am trying to send the world weakens. I’ve devoted my entire life to researching and writing about the very real possibility that heaven exists in this life and the next. Yet almost every day the reality of hell on earth feels more likely. Perhaps those who don’t believe in heaven have got it right?

I’ve got an open mind and feel it is important for me as a spiritual writer to be aware of the beliefs of sceptics and atheists. I want to understand where they are coming from and, more often than not these days, I can actually see their point. I recently read a book called The God Impulse by Kevin Nelson, which argued that belief in heaven is simply something hard- wired into our DNA not because it is real but because it makes us feel better. According to Nelson there is absolutely no proof of an afterlife, but believing in spirit is something to be encouraged because it can bring comfort and strength and help us cope with grief. The argument that heaven is no more than a biological impulse is a logical one and on days when the voices of doubt are screaming at me I wonder if there might be something to it.

I’m hoping you haven’t been too shocked by my frank admission that I sometimes have great doubts about the existence of heaven. And you may wonder, after what I have just said, how it is possible for me to still fiercely champion the voice of spirit in the way I do and have done in my books and, more recently, online through my Facebook page, where visitors draw comfort and hope from my conviction that heaven is real. Admitting now that sometimes I lose that conviction could have devastating consequences, but I want to reassure you that if I ever reached the point where it felt dishonest to write my heaven books and run my page I would stop.

How did a one time media professional, become a medium and learn to talk with the Dead? Claire Broad, author of Answers From Heaven explains…

Many people are surprised when they discover I am a medium and they always ask me how it came about.  The truth is, I have always been a medium, although it is only in retrospect that I recognise that fact.  I showed signs of being mediumistic from a very early age, but the advancement of that ability took a life time of commitment, hard work and sometimes plain frustration on my part in order to develop and strengthen it. 

Becoming a professional medium didn’t just happen, it took the guidance and dedication of one very special lady and remarkable medium, Sheila Thomas to open my eyes to the reality of the spirit world and refine my ability to communicate with those on the other side.  Sheila taught me religiously for an entire decade, but there’s no getting away from the fact the spirit world knew I was a medium from the start and they chose me, I didn’t choose it.

I was almost four years old when I gave my first message from the ‘deceased’.  It happened as I busied myself playing with stones, water and a vase in a peaceful area of Richmond cemetery.  Content to just play, I waited as my Mum and my Nan tended to my Grandad’s plot.  He had not been gone long and the memory of his passing was still fresh in their minds. 

As they readied themselves to leave, I suddenly became aware of my lovely Grandad’s presence.  His endearing personality wrapped its self around me lovingly and then he spoke directly to my mind, urging me to pass on a message to my Nan.  “Tell Nanny, Grandad says I love you Iv”.  The words played out and then repeated and as they repeated I was surrounded by a feeling of urgency. 

Being so young, I had no concept of death or my own mortality.  I had no cultural conditioning swaying my beliefs as to what was happening.  I just knew this was Grandad and so without emotional attachment or question I simply answered back in my mind that I didn’t want to pass the message on.  I was playing!  The emotion and intensity of the message swept over me again.  “Please Claire, tell Nanny, Grandad says I love you Iv”.  This time, slightly irritated I gave into my Grandad’s persistence. I stood up from my play and shouted across to my Nan, “Nanny, Grandad says I love you, Iv!” The expression on her face was one I shall never forget.  Gobsmacked! 

There is much more to this story and my journey into mediumship which I share in my new book, Answers From Heaven.  That simple message proved to me the existence of an Afterlife and acted as a catalyst, but more importantly it taught me that we all have some degree of natural psychic ability laying dormant inside of us that we haven’t been taught to tap into, so I share with you in Answers From Heaven the benefit of my experience, where you can go to meet teachers and like minded seekers and what you may do to develop your own awareness if you choose to, because I know I’m not alone in my experiences and I’m not the only one with a powerful story to share.

About the Authors

Theresa Cheung was born into a family of spiritualists and has a Masters in Theology and English from King’s College, Cambridge. She has sold almost half a million books and encyclopaedias about the psychic world, the afterlife and personal transformation over twenty years. Her spiritual books Heaven Called My Name (Piatkus 2016) and An Angel Healed Me (Simon & Schuster 2010) became Sunday Times Top 10 bestsellers and have been translated into thirty languages.

For more information please visit or follow her on Facebook @TheresaCheungAuthor

Claire Broad is an Institute of Spiritualist Mediums Registered and Approved Medium with over twenty years professional experience providing private sittings, public speaking and workshops. She is an experienced guest speaker who has contributed to many spiritual awareness events and has read for an eclectic mix of clients, including those from the scientific and medical communities. Before Mediumship, Claire worked in advertising and entertainment at several major firms including The Walt Disney Company Ltd. She lives in Hampshire with her family. or follow her on Facebook @mediumclairebroad

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