Fire and Forget ~ A Thomas Caine #Thriller by Andrew Warren #Spotlight #Excerpt @aawarren71

I’m delighted to be showcasing Fire and Forget, the latest book in the popular spy thriller Thomas Caine series. Before the extract, here’s a little about the book.

A betrayed assassin. A bloodthirsty warlord. Millions of lives hang in the balance…

Thomas Caine is a wanted man.

With the help of a beautiful doctor, Caine links the deadly virus to a sadistic rebel leader he was once ordered to protect. This time, the assassin is determined to do what he should have done years ago… cut off the snake’s head! In the heart of South Sudan’s brutal civil war, Caine’s mission uncovers shocking secrets that could solve the mystery of his betrayal, and expose the men who set him up. Assuming he makes it back alive…
Fire and Forget is the standalone third book in the pulse-pounding Thomas Caine series, a set of international thriller novels. If you like blockbuster-worthy action, edge-of-your-seat suspense, and globetrotting heroes, then you’ll love the latest installment in Andrew Warren’s super-charged series.

The engine noise behind them grew louder. Their airboat lurched sideways and shuddered. The Ruger pistol flew from the chair and slid across the hull towards the back of the boat.

One of their pursuers managed to pull up along the right side of the boat and rammed them. The thick roots and gnarled trees of the island loomed to their left side. The boat hull scraped against the raised land.

Dammit! Caine cursed in his head. How did they catch up so quickly?

Then he remembered the nitrous tanks.

The two men in the rear raised their weapons to fire. Caine gunned the throttle, slamming into them again. The impact threw off their aim, sending the burst of bullets thudding into the deck.

A stream of water sprayed from one of the holes in the hull of his boat. They were taking on water.

Caine looked to his right and spotted a small metal tool bin bolted to the deck.

“Blayne, make yourself useful. Open that toolbox. See if there’s a bilge pump!”

Blayne eyed the stream of water filling the hull, then scrambled towards the metal bin.

Caine yanked back on the stick, once again slamming into the other boat. More gunfire sliced through the air above them. The engine of the second boat roared closer. One of the other men must have taken the pilot’s position, and now it was gaining on them.

Blayne shouted over the loud prop wash. “There’s some epoxy, a hammer, a box of nails, a flare gun … no pump!”

Caine glanced to his right. The last remnants of the setting sun cast a golden glow through the trees and vines of the swamp. The dying rays of light reflected off the steel propeller cage, and the silver nitrous tanks of the attackers’ boat.

“Grab the flare pistol and hold on,” he shouted.

He swung the boat again. The metal hull groaned as it slammed into their attackers. Blayne tumbled across the deck and thudded into the sidewall. Water continued to spray through the holes in the hull.

Caine reached behind his back and drew his Berretta. As the men on the other boat recovered their balance, he locked his sights on their nitrous tanks.


The gun barked three times. A high-pitched metallic twang screamed through the air as the bullets struck their target. A pair of dark holes erupted in the middle of the tanks. Twin streams of liquid nitrous oxide spilled out onto the deck.

Blayne struggled to sit up. He turned and aimed the flare pistol at the attackers’ boat.

“No,” Caine shouted, jerking the control stick to the right once more. “Wait, not yet!”

The two boats clashed together again. As they drifted apart, the men in the other boat ignored the ruptured tanks and opened fire. More bullets tore into the deck of Caine’s boat. A two-inch pool of swamp water now filled the bottom.

Blayne gasped as a bullet struck his thigh. A thick cloud of blood mixed with the water as he fell backwards.

“Blayne, get up! Shoot, now!”

Blayne groaned and leaned over the side of the boat. Their attackers steadied themselves and prepared to fire again. Blayne extended his arm and aimed the flare pistol. His face was pale, and blood continued to pump from the wound in his leg.

Caine rammed into the attackers’ boat again, struggling to keep the men off balance. “Fire!”

Blayne pulled the trigger. A blinding red pinpoint of light sizzled from the barrel of the gun. The flare streaked toward the attackers’ boat. For a split second, it lit up the dark trees and vines surrounding them with a sinister crimson glow. Then it bounced onto the deck of the boat and exploded into a shower of sparks.

The liquid nitrous oxide, on its own, was not flammable. But mixed with the oxygen in the air, the vapor became a highly flammable gas. In a fraction of a second, it accelerated the burning flare into a hellish inferno.

The men shrieked as the fire licked at their flesh. Caine sped past them as the flaming pyre that consumed their boat reached further into the sky. Then, with a loud whoosh, the remaining nitrous oxide in the tanks ignited.

Caine looked back and saw a massive fireball erupt behind them as the attackers’ boat exploded. His lips twisted into a grim smile.

Andrew Warren was born in New Jersey, but currently resides in the warmer climate of Southern California. He studied film, English and psychology at the University of Miami, and has over a decade of experience in the television and motion picture industry, where he has worked as a post-production supervisor, story producer and writer.

His passion for writing and traveling led Andrew to Japan. As soon as he set eyes on the country he fell in love with it, and felt compelled to use it as the setting for a series of novels. It took a few years, but Tokyo Black was the result of that trip.

Andrew’s writing skills have seen him write for Youtube Red’s “Fight of the Living Dead,” MangoTV’s “Sons of Earth”, and Discovery’s “True Nightmares”.

His love of the Far East extends to all varieties of Asian cuisine, and he scours Southern California looking for the best ramen, dumplings and beef noodle soup. All in the name or research, of course!

His fascination for the spy thriller genre was born from a love of James Bond films. Growing up, he knew that he was never going to be a muscle-bound giant, like Schwarzenegger or Stallone. Instead, he opted for charm and sophistication, with a smattering of brains and super-cool spy gadgets.

When he’s not working or writing classic spy thrillers, Andrew likes to relax at home with his pet dachshund, Ares, and his cat, Mina. He is currently working on the next Thomas Caine thriller, which will be set in East Africa.

Andrew loves to hear from his readers. Feel free to contact him via his Website | Facebook | Twitter    

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