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His Guilty Secret takes the reader on a scandalous tale of death, betrayal, love and no less than five affairs. Hélene Fermont’s novels deal with the psychological and moral complexity of issues that readers will easily identify with. Her experience as a therapist helps her to understand the true emotions of her characters, leading them through their grief, addictions and escape from their toxic relationships.

The women of His Guilty Secret are inspiring, courageous and above all authentic. Featuring powerful mother figures, fighting to protect their children against life’s harsh realities, sisters struggling to rekindle a relationship battered by arguments and time, wives struggling against the strain of deceit and abuse and a shocking revelation, when someone turns out not to be quite who they purport to be…

After taking a sip of water from his glass, Arnold ran a hand through his grey hair. “This is the part when I must tell you something you didn’t expect to hear.” His eyes first fixated on Coco, who refused to look at him, praying the entire ordeal would come to an end. Patricia must never find out about what Jacques told me, she thought, knowing what Mr Curzon was about to say. Arnold’s eyes travelled to Patricia. “Jacques…Mr Beaumont gave clear instructions I’m not permitted to give more details than what’s in his will. As you’re aware, I must abide by the confidentiality that’s required between a lawyer and client. Mr Beaumont wanted to ensure his wife and sister were well taken care of…as is also the case with another, unnamed beneficiary to whom he also left £500K in his will. I regret I’m unable to discuss this matter further.”

There it was, he’d told them everything they needed to know and kept his client’s secret. Arnold Curzon felt as if he’d climbed a mountain, such was his relief.

In shock, Patricia turned to look at Coco. “Did you know about this? Did Jacques tell you about this anonymous beneficiary he left a small fortune to?” She let out a big sob, tears streaming down her face.

“No, I never knew anything until now,” Coco lied. She was desperate to get home and mix tablets with a glass of wine to calm her down. Pat’s my closest friend but I can’t betray my brother’s trust in me. What she’s not aware of will not hurt her, she thought. Feeling Patricia and Rudy’s eyes on her, Coco added, “I had no idea Jacques intended to leave a substantial sum to someone else. Can’t you see how much it upsets me?”

Ignoring her outburst, Patricia turned her attention to the solicitor. “Why was Jacques adamant we’re not to be informed of their identity?” She refused to drop eye contact. “I haven’t any more details to give you and client confidentiality dictates I’m unable to discuss the matter further. I’m sorry, Mrs Beaumont. Again, my deepest condolences for your loss.” Arnold stood up, indicating the meeting was over. Shaking their hands, he walked them through to the reception area, where he requested Veronica fetch their jackets. “If there’s ever anything else you wish to discuss with regard to your inheritance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.”

Arnold smiled at the three of them and went back to his office, thinking that afternoon was one of the worst in his career so far.

In his opinion, Jacques Beaumont had been a fool for loving two women and the secret he was determined to hide would eventually be discovered. It was only a matter of time.

Born into an Anglo-Swedish family, Hélene Fermont grew up in Malmö in Sweden. Surrounded by an idlyllic landscape, she started writing at eight years old.

Spending a brief time in the music industry performing on Swedish TV and radio, she decided to pursue a career as a therapist, focussing on children with learning difficulties. In the mid-90s Hélene moved away from Sweden to move to London, the city has been her home now for over 20 years. Despite her love of London, she frequently travels back to her native city of Malmö to get back to the landscape of her childhood which first inspired her writing.

As well as being a published novelist, Anglo-Swedish writer Hélene Fermont is also a practicing psychologist, allowing her to accomplish a sense of realism rarely seen in fiction. Her third novel, His Guilty Secret is set between London, Paris and Malmö in Sweden. The location of the novel follows the author’s own life, writing between London and the idyllic city of Malmö, where she spent most of her childhood. Writing in English, while drawing inspiration from Scandinavian literature, her novels bring a psychological twist to contemporary women’s fiction.

Hélene’s other books include: Because of You and We Never Said Goodbye.

His Guilty Secret by Hélene Fermont is out on 27th November 2017 and will be available from Amazon, priced £9.99 in paperback and £3.99 as an e-book.

Author links ~ Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  

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