A Day at the UK #Wolf Conservation Trust #Photography

From very small beginnings the UK Wolf Conservation Trust was formed. Passionate about animals and after a visit to Alaska, Roger Palmer acquired his first, few days old, wolf cub. He and his wife kept wolves privately until they set up the Conservation Trust in the 90s, inspired by the late Dr Erich Klinghammer, a wolf biologist in Indiana.

The trust is dedicated to increasing public awareness, raising money for conservation projects and research worldwide as well as providing education programmes for all ages. The staff are very friendly, knowledgable and helpful. Some of the wolves have been hand reared, others socialized from a young age and are very calm and used to people.

So now to the wolves…

The staff throw in food so we can see the wolves’ natural behaviour. In this case a warning… don’t even think about it, this is mine…

Several opportunistic Red Kites were thinking about trying their luck but they didn’t get a look in, with the wolves keeping an eye on the kites’ movements.

The wolves also love to roll on scented pieces of sacking

And my favourite ❤

27 thoughts on “A Day at the UK #Wolf Conservation Trust #Photography

  1. Wow, that was a lovely surprise in my blog reader today. Amazing photos of an animal most never glimpse, to see it in person and get to photograph it, would’ve been great. Love the post, Cathy!

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