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Helena Grace Donald is no stranger to the pressures that young girls face. A British actress living in LA, and a former bulimia sufferer socialising daily amongst models and actresses, Helena knows only too well the damaging thoughts that girls can have about their bodies.

This book is for every girl who has ever looked in the mirror and criticized her own reflection; for every girl who has ever compared herself negatively to others; for every girl who has ever thought of dieting; and for every girl who is already struggling with negative body image issues and unhealthy eating habits.

Learning to Love the Girl in the Mirror is a “must read” for any teenage girl. It’s packed full of self-empowering and self-loving tools that will leave you feeling Supergirl confident.

In a world where advertising, celebrity culture and social media reign, it’s becoming more and more common for young girls to have some form of negative  body issue or eating disorder. This is not only harmful and dangerous on a personal level, it’s also destructive and disempowering for womanhood as a whole, and it’s got to STOP now!

This is Helena’s brutally honest story of how she overcame the battle with her own body and went from miserable and self-hating to absolutely loving the skin she’s in! Still in her early twenties, Helena completely relates to her fellow young women in the most loving and supportive way. Helena’s mission is to inspire young women that it is possible to love and appreciate your body in a completely healthy way. This book is packed full of the tools that will help any young girl to do exactly that.

Simple Stress-Busters for Your Busy Teenage Life

Nobody should ever underestimate the pressures that a girl has to deal with during her teenage years. I mean, come on: the schoolwork, the deadlines, the exams, the many social pressures and hurdles, the expectations (your own and other people’s) of fitting in, family, friends, relationships, keeping fit, college applications, maybe even a part-time job—it makes me stressed just thinking about it! It can easily get overwhelming. Stress levels can go through the roof if you’re feeling pressures from too many sources at once, and if this stress is not managed well, it can have a negative effect on your physical, emotional, and mental health.

I believe that it was those pressures—together with my unrealistic desire to be perfect—that were the major causes of me developing an eating disorder. There were so many “uncontrollables” in my life. I needed to have some control, so I tried to control my body. At that time, it was the only way I knew how to cope with the stress I was experiencing. I never confided in anyone about the pressure I was feeling, so I felt very alone with it. Looking back, I wish I had talked to someone. I wish I had opened up to my parents. I even wish I had talked to some of my teachers. I now know that they could have eased that anxiety and worry. Please, don’t be afraid to admit you’re finding it hard to cope if this is something that’s bothering you. You’re not the only one!

The thing is, when you’re in that situation, you don’t even feel like you have time to think about how you could make things easier for yourself. You’re constantly running like a caged mouse on a wheel, just trying to keep up with everything. For me, it felt like I was always focused on the future and what I needed to do to achieve whatever goals I had my sights set on; not only in my school exams, but pretty much in everything I did. I rarely took a time-out to just be in the moment, to chill out and relax, and even when I did, I would always end up thinking about what needed to be done later that day, tomorrow, next week …

I know I was not alone in feeling that way. All teenage girls may not be perfectionists, but most of them still feel pretty stressed out by all the demands placed on them. 

Helena Grace Donald was born in London. After training professionally as an actress, at the age of 20 Helena relocated to Los Angeles where she has two movies coming out this year.

She is the founder of Girl Unfiltered. Her mission is to inspire girls to love and value themselves so that they feel empowered as they journey into the wonderful world of womanhood. Still in her early twenties, Helena relates easily to teenage girls and understands what it’s like to be in their shoes. 

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  1. This is such an important subject. Everyone needs to feel okay with how they look and who they are and not give into pressures to be perfect. Talking about pressures with a trusted friend or adult is hard to do, but it can be so helpful.

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