The Ghost In You: A First-Hand Account from Beyond the Grave by Katrina Mountfort #SupernaturalFiction @curlykats #YA

Author: Katrina Mountfort

Published: February 2018 by Elsewhen Press

Category: Supernatural, Romance, Fiction, Book Review

What do you do if you’re dead but haven’t ‘moved on’? 

You keep finding yourself back where you died, with very little control over when; sometimes you can be away for days, weeks or even months, and then you’re back. Between times, when you’re ‘away’, where do you go, what do you do? You’ve seen some other ghosts asleep at their graves, but you don’t even know where your own grave is.

After an accident which left her with terrible facial scars, nineteen year old Rowena spends most of her spare time helping others. Two of her favourite people are her landlady, Marjorie, and her best friend, Kirsty, who is waiting for a bone marrow transplant.

Marjorie and Rowena’s mother had been best  friends and when her mother died Marjorie offered Rowena one of the bedsits she and her husband rented out. Rowena was full of hope and big plans when she moved to London and couldn’t wait to start her new life.

While speaking to Kirsty on the phone one evening she hears a noise from Marjorie’s house. Getting no reply from knocking on the door and after hearing a scream she phones the emergency services. Too worried to wait for them to arrive in case Marjorie’s in danger or has had an accident, she grabs the spare key and goes to investigate. A noise from upstairs alerts Rowena, she is almost at the top when she hears the sirens, then two masked men burst out of Marjorie’s bedroom and push Rowena out of the way. She lands at the bottom of the staircase with a crack.

If I’d realised that today was my Last Day, I’d have tried to make the best of it: plant a tree, have a meaningful conversation with my loved ones (not that there were many), and all the important stuff you’re meant to do. But as it was, I spent it doped up on Lem-Sip and self-pity. My nose was blocked and my throat full of gunk and razor blades. So much for a romantic end. Even Trevor, my boss had taken pity on me. That was a first.

I really enjoyed this engaging ghost/romance story with a twist, told from Rowena’s first person perspective. She tries to make sense of what has happened to her, seeing the paramedics trying to resuscitate her body at the bottom of the stairs without success and coming to the terrible realisation that she died from the fall. Rowena is an easy to like character, the kindness that characterised her while alive is carried over after her death. 

The creatively imagined otherworld for those who have yet to pass on to their final destiny is realistically described, taking into account no-one knows what actually happens, and dealt with sympathetically. Rowena is understandably confused, then angry at the injustice, thinking of all the things she’ll never get to do. And the worst thing for her is she’s never been kissed. Sadly Rowena’s life was over almost before it had begun, but how will she cope in the afterlife? How long was she going to be there? She had no idea what to expect. 

Well written, the narrative flows smoothly with flashes of humour, and at 195 pages it’s a quick, very easy and entertaining read. 

I chose to read and review The Ghost In You based on a copy of the book supplied by the author/publisher. 

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I dreamed of being a novelist from childhood but my ambition was dented by a teacher who thought that handwriting was more important than creativity. Instead, the pyrotechnics of a mad nun who taught chemistry sent me on a scientific career path and I didn’t start writing until my fortieth birthday. After the death of a close friend, I realised that I couldn’t put off my dreams forever. Almost ten years later, Future Perfect was published by Elsewhen Press.

I was born in Leeds but spent most of my adult life around London and East Anglia, returning to my beloved Yorkshire in 2016; I now live in York. After several years collecting qualifications, I’ve had a varied career including homeopathy, the civil service and forensic science research. I currently work as a freelance medical writer. My loves in life are my husband, family and friends, as well as my two occasionally criminal black labradors. I also love music, travel, wine, dark chocolate, Parma violets and daffodils.

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