Don’t throw out the baby! Why #Amazon doesn’t want your #BookReviews

Great post, Barb. Sharing far and wide.

Barb Taub

An open letter to Amazon:

Dear Amazon,

I should be your Holy Grail. I’m the real deal, an actual reader who goes through books carefully, thinks about what they mean and how they’re written, and then writes a considered, thoughtful, and hopefully helpful analysis—in other words, I’m a book reviewer.

Writers, potential customers, publishers, and oh yes—you, Amazon—should be jumping for joy and giving thanks that I’ve taken hours to read and yet more hours to craft reviews for hundreds of books. Instead, Amazon, you’ve decided to punish reviewers like me.

In the name of discouraging “fake” reviews, your new policy requires reviewers like me to spend $50 on Amazon’s US site and even more, £40 on Amazon UK before I can share my review. Have you thought about other solutions, or the effect this will have on legitimate reviewers?

Amazon has figured out how to conduct millions of legitimate…

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9 thoughts on “Don’t throw out the baby! Why #Amazon doesn’t want your #BookReviews

  1. I was wondering why Amazon stopped allowing me to publish my reviews there. I always used to post them on Amazon uk and usa. Now only uk lets me and I didn’t understand why until I read this. Bad decision by Amazon, and terrible for Authors. Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. I just discovered yesterday that I can no longer review on Amazon US, since I can’t buy from there. I do see their point to be honest – there are so many fake accounts and shill reviewers on the site. But I wish they could have found a better way to differentiate between fakes and genuine reviewers. As a minimum, they could have taken into account if you purchased from one of their other locations… Bah!

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  3. This is awful- I’m actually not allowed to post on Amazon any more because at one time they thought I had an affiliation with an author ((which is rubbish, I always post honest reviews!). Anyway, they took all the reviews I did down. Ridiculous! 😔

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