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Today Im delighted to welcome Helen Parry Jones with an intriguing guest post about her journey to becoming a medium and spiritual healer. First, here’s a little about her book Beyond Boundaries.

Beyond Boundaries – A book of true inspiration!

Helen Parry Jones shares every aspect of her life with absolute honesty and in a refreshingly down-to-earth manner. Her story is a backdrop to enable her spiritual guide Sam, through daily tutoring from her earliest recollection, to offer wisdom and enlightenment in overcoming the abundance of life’s many difficult challenges, not only for Helen, but for the countless people she meets socially and provides treatment for professionally.

Helen reveals how, with Sam’s guidance, she develops a much higher level of consciousness, not only to communicate with another dimension beyond the boundaries of our existence, but whereby she can access the energy that surrounds and connects to our physical form to locate illness and malfunctions within the body with astounding accuracy.

An extraordinary life with an exceptional gift. The story of one woman’s power to heal.

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When I was four years old, after using the outside toilet at my Aunty Joan’s house, I noticed a large black-skinned man sitting on the back doorstep blocking my way into the house. I’d had previous sightings of him, but he seemed more like a shadowy figure in the background.

This was the first time I’d come face-to-face with him and experience such a physical presence. Obviously, I now know I could have walked straight through him, but he seemed as solid to me as my own body. 

At that meeting he explained he was my Guide, I could call him Sam and I was to consider him like a school teacher. It was on this occasion he first spoke about spirit people and the spirit world. In this moment of revelation I became aware I could see and communicate with dead people, which strangely didn’t frighten me … it made me very inquisitive.

Nevertheless, no matter how often I told my mother about this, she’d tell me not to be so silly, that I was imagining things. In truth, my parents scolded me throughout my childhood each time I mentioned seeing the invisible. 

What I needed and craved was having my manifestations validated, not constantly rejected.

My Nan Ada was the only person to accept I could see the invisible. I would often tell her of a big fat ginger cat and an old moggy sleeping on her sofa. She always referred to them as her Tigger and Arthur, and explained they had died long ago. It gave me a sense of peace having someone I loved believing I spoke the truth about what I could see. 

Around this time, my mother took me to our doctor to establish if I was suffering from any mental illness. I could sense my mother’s disappointment at not finding any medical reason for my invisible visitors. 

Essentially, growing up with this reality was as natural as breathing to me. For my part, it wasn’t a transition into becoming a medium, … I was born one.

Having said that, as I grew up and the amount of visitors steadily increased, it became evident I was an open portal into another dimension which I could open and close at will. The more I accessed this dimension, the more proficient I became in communicating with it and began to realise I was being exposed to a much greater consciousness of wisdom.

During one of our many tutorials together, Sam asked me to study a plain piece of paper. To my astonishment emerged the outline of a skeleton upon which ticks and crosses appeared. He explained soon I would discern illness in people by seeing crosses over parts of the body that were ill. On reflection, this was a huge responsibility for a child to undertake. 

Later in my adolescence, Sam explained the ability to link with this greater consciousness of wisdom was the means to bring healing and improved wellbeing into peoples lives. Without doubt, I felt in my heart this was my life purpose, … I had found my destiny.

Once I accepted this was my life-role, I intuitively knew the colourful auras I could see around peoples bodies revealed much information about their physical and emotional health. Not only did the colour and density of this ‘energy overcoat’ constantly change, I could see how it linked to the body by a network of energy paths and chakra points. 

The true life-challenge came when I had to face how with a basic education and gender limited opportunities imposed upon me by my parents’ working class values, how I could share my extraordinary abilities to actively benefit others. In desperation, by flicking through the leaves of the ‘Yellow Pages’, I randomly placed a pin to choose a career, … dentistry. So as a sixteen year old school leaver, I trained as a dental nurse – my first steps as a health professional.  

Over time, the crosses over peoples disorders faded, but was replaced by an ability to see right through people’s bodies as if like tissue-thin layers of an onion, whereby I began to see broken bones, diseased organs, blood disorders, hormone imbalances, all sorts really, even illness that had been, or that is current, or that is going to happen.

With marriage at nineteen, and children soon-after, my dental career was over. When the opportunity arose for a part time job at my local veterinary practice, I reached out for some independence and the chance to re-connect with promoting good health, albeit with animals. It wasn’t until the school-yard interaction with other young mums did my extraordinary abilities find a willing audience.

However, after I divorced and found my soulmate Richard did I finally overcome the inner shackles that had restrained me from speaking out confidently about who and what I am. With his earthly love and Sam’s metaphysical presence, I changed from a naïve young woman into one of a strong character who understands her own self-worth and life purpose. 

… … And thereafter, my reputation spread by word-of-mouth recommendations into a demanding full time profession and the international standing I enjoy today. 

Living in Wales with her husband, Helen Parry Jones has been a professional spiritual healer and empathic medium for over thirty years. She has filled theatres and auditoriums across the country and has regularly appeared in national print and broadcast media including; The Daily Mail, Psychic News, RTÉ, BBC Radio 4 and Woman’s Way. Previous titles include, Hands of An Angel (published 2011 by Arrow) which was named The Daily Express’ book of the week.

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  1. Hi, ive been very fortunate to meet with Helen, shes is very genuine,so sincere, and works her ways to help people,as she has with me. What a lovely,lovely lady, im lucky to know her, shes brilliant!!

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